30 Curiosidades de Hotel Transilvania (1-2) | Cosas que quizás no sabías

Hi-Hello listener people Welcome to this video where we will meet
30 Curiosities of Hotel Transilvania. This is a Sony Pictures Animation movie. The same study that has brought us … “Surf’s Up”, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”,
“The Smurfs” and “The Emoji Movie” The film was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Known for being the creator of “Samurai
Jack “and” Dexter’s Laboratory “. When Dracula makes his first appearance,
generating a terrifying shadow. They wanted to pay tribute to the movie
of “Nosferatu”. The director stated that the idea for the film was … Take iconic monsters from movies released in 1930 and remodel them. Since they wanted to be faithful to the characters,
but at the same time give them a fun touch. There is a deleted scene, in which we
They show how Martha and Dracula met. And we see how his life was since they got married
Until I have Mavis. It is believed that this scene was eliminated because
I could not mix very well in the story. For Mavis’ English voice, he had
thought of Miley Cyrus. But she rejected the paper to focus
in other projects. So Selena Gomez was the one who finished
lending his voice to the character. According to the actor, Andy Samberg, who gives
voice to Jonathan. Affirms that his character is based more or less
in what he was in high school. Someone super positive in the face of adversity,
even maybe when it should not be. Sony was forced to follow certain rules
for the look of his Frankenstein. This to avoid having rights problems of
author with Universal Studios. Some of those rules was that the monster
I could not be green. Nor could I have electrodes in my neck. The design of Frankenstein’s wife also
It had to be handled carefully. To begin with, you could not refer to her
as “Frankenstein’s girlfriend”. Since the title belongs to one of the movies
classic Studios. On top of that, I could not have the iconic
lightning mark on the hair. So they just put it as a
white stripe. As some of you know, Adam Sandler, provides
the voice of Dracula. Besides being one of the producers of the
movie. That is why, that the wife and one of the daughters
of the actor also participated. The wife is the voice of Martha. And the daughter is the voice of little Mavis and
Winnie. The character of the fly, was inspired by
the movie “The Fly”. Where a scientist mixed by accident
his DNA with that of a fly. To this tape, parodies have also been made
or references in some animated series. (Scene) If Dracula’s voice in Latin America
It looks familiar It’s because it’s doubled by Germán Fabregat. The same one who also made Heinz’s voice
Doofenshmirtz. (Scene) On the other hand, in Spain, Dracula is bent
by Santiago Segura (Scene) That he has also given voice to Sullivan and Chester v. When Jonathan is on the plane, he shows
a vampire movie, parodying “Twilight”. To which Dracula, reacts with a great repudiation. This is because the films of this saga have
been partly criticized For his way of representing vampires and werewolves. The film had to compete with other films
animated that same year. Like “ParaNorman” and “Frankenweenie”. And of these 3 just the one that received the least
approval by the review was “Hotel Transylvania”. Although on the other hand, it turned out to be the one
it was better at the box office. Achieving more than 350 million. The director himself has confessed that he does not
It attracts a lot of computer generated animation. And that to his taste he prefers classical animation
drawn by hand Although he was satisfied with the movie
and completely willing to direct future deliveries. (♪ Music ♪) In 2015 its sequel was launched. That with a budget of 80 million. He managed to overcome his predecessor. Raising more than 470 million dollars. The son of Mavis and Johnny, was born on Friday the 13th. Popularly known as the day of bad
luck. (Scene) In both films constantly tease
that Dracula says “blah, blah, blah”. And although, it is not known exactly where
This belief came, there are several theories. One suggests that it comes from the pronunciation
of the word “blood” in English. On the part of the actor Bela Lugosi in his interpretation
like Dracula. (Scene) Well, listening to it repeatedly resembles
a bit. Although another slightly more recent insinuates
that comes from an animated short of “The Pink Panther” Where a vampire appears constantly repeating
said expression. (Scene) Dennis’s hair was originally going to be
much larger. However, the animators had some
problems. Well, they realized that it would be uncomfortable
when Dennis was being loaded or hugged. So they reduced it. Carlos Grangel, who designed several of
characters. He did all his conceptual art on the back
of some old boxes of cereal. Because apparently the bright colors
inspire Other large and frequent collaborators of
Adam Sandler participated in these films. Kevin James makes the voice of Frankenstein. David Spade, the invisible man. And Steve Buscemi the werewolf. The hair style that Dracula makes you
to Dennis, it was based on that of the actor on Lewis. When he played Count Dracula in “The
Munsters “. When Mavis shows the “Dracula remix”,
you can see an image of the actor Gene Wilder, In his interpretation in the movie
“The Young Frankenstein”. In addition to the constant mentions to Batman
that are made throughout the movie. In the “Dracula Remix” we can also
see an image of the 1966 Joker. Originally Vlad, Dracula’s father,
I was going to live in a castle. But after a while it was thought that it was
very similar to your son’s hotel. So his house was changed to a cave. The disguise Johnny uses to hide
his human identity of Vlad. It is inspired by Dracula’s version
by Gary Oldman, which was released in 1992. The name of the villain, Bela, is a reference
the actor Bela Lugosi. Who played Count Dracula in the
universal classic movies. In 2017 a series premiered on Disney Channel, which is set before the first film. In which they plan to tell us how was adolescence
of Mavis. In the short film called “Puppy!”, Released in 2017, you can see Mavis reading a cruise brochure. Referencing what would come next. (Scene) In 2018, Sony decided to bet on a
third delivery. Even though his previous films,
They have received mostly negative reviews. So we’ll see how it goes. But tell me…
Would you like to continue seeing more of these characters? Or do you think that this hotel should be closed? (♪ Song ♪) If you liked the video, let me know by giving you a little hand up and sharing it with your friends. And before leaving, I send a big greeting to … And well, this is Toddy (everything). Thank you so much to arrived to until here. And I hope you liked it. Bye.

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