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3 Ways to Make Green Chutney | Restaurant Style Coriander Chutney | CHEF HARPAL SINGH SOKHI

If you want instant notification for recipes press the bell icon. to see more such interesting recipes subscribe to my channel Hello, this is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi In India and Indian cuisine and green chutney is really important there are many different types of chutney are made using coriander and mint The basic chutney i will show you and and then i will extend to three versions one plain, one with yogurt and the other one with mayonnaise so first of all lets make coriander chutney , for that i will tell you the proportion 2 parts coriander and 1 part mint is what you will need only then the color of the chutney will be amazing. if the quantity of mint is more or if it is not fresh then the chutney will go blackish fast let us add the coriander first to the blender As I said 2 parts , means I am using 2 cups of coriander leaves, let us add this now let us add mint half the proportion So we will add 2 cups coriander leaves and 1 cup mint leaves The spiciness is upto you, still i am adding 3 green chilies break them into half and add pieces of ginger take half inch piece of ginger and add you can chop and add or cut it into half and add add juice of 1 lime let us grind this now let us check this once add little water if required, it will help in grinding just 1-2 tbsp, do not add lot of water here the amazing green chutney is ready this is absolutely green I always here people asking how to keep the chutney green, it goes black now you can see how green this is now green chutney is ready we will add the seasoning now Seasoning is very simple we only need to add salt and black salt that you can add as per your taste we will just add half teaspoon of black salt and salt you can add to taste don’t forget to do namak shamak while adding salt if you have chaat masala you can add that little 1/4 tsp only it is optional you can add if you have we will mix this well Here first on , plain green chutney is ready This is now ready this is so aromatic and my mouth is mow watering this is best part of green chutney This goes well with salted biscuits, kebabs, with paranthas it tastes really amazing so basic chutney is ready I will now you you how we get three variants let me serve basic cutney you can maintain the consistency as per your needs now for the chutney that we get in hotels. we will divide the chutney into equal portions 3 Tbsp each we will dived into different bowls in one part we will add yogurt we have to be careful while adding yogurt the quantity should not be much I have added 3 Tbsp of yogurt to 3 Tbsp of green chutney it should not be too liquidy, we mix it well now the restaurant style chutney is ready you can definitely check its seasoning, if you want to add salt, chillies , lemon, as you want, we will serve the restaurant style chutney now this is what you generally get in restaurants you can see the color this chutney is now ready today we see lot of people using mayonnaise and why they are using i will tell you in the remaining chutney we will add mayonnaise again equal quantity 3 tbsp of mayonnaise to 3 tbsp of green chutney we will mix this chutney well so coriander mint mayo is ready the advantage of this mint mayo is that it is beneficial for your professional life this is really good for those having a restaurant or catering business this has no water content but because of may you will need to correct the seasoning we will need to add little salt, just a pinch a little more of black salt you need to dd 1/4 tsp of salt and black salt more to it similarly you will also need to add 1/4 tsp of chaat masala because mayo has more of oil content we need to correct the seasoning lemon you can check and correct if required this chutney does not release its waters, stays green longer if you make this chutney and store it in fridge it can stay for 3-4 days to serve now you can see the consistency of this , because of the mayo now these green chutneys are ready 3 types of green chutneyare ready the plain is good of homes use for restaurants the one with yogurt is good it can also be used at home for restaurant if you need some thing with long shelf life then this is good these three chutneys are really delicious and widely used in Punjab this is used alot at homes this is used this one is used in restaurants you have see the three delicious green chutney you can indulge the way you want,

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