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3 Steps to Hiring Better Quality Restaurant Employees

That’s right. Today, I want to teach
you three steps to hiring better quality restaurant employees or improving the restaurant
employees that you already have. Hey, everybody. Ryan Gromfin here –
author, speaker, chef, restaurateur, and the founder of the, as well as And that’s right.
Today’s about employees. Now, I used to, I remember way back in the day
early in my restaurant operating career, when I was having a
conversation with a partner or with some friends or
something and I’m like, oh my gosh! All of my employees
are idiots. They can’t do
anything right. If they could just follow simple directions,
I’d be able to take some time off, or I’d be able to go
work on some other things that I need to work on
instead of always needing to be here. Well through a whole
series of events, I got pretty sick and this whole big thing,
I’m not going to bore you with the details here. It hit me like a ton of bricks
one day and I realized my employees
aren’t idiots, it’s me not hiring the
right employees. I’m not training them properly;
I’m not setting up the systems for them to achieve the success
that they need. And so, I started thinking about this,
doing some research on it, working on it, and I worked
with my coaches on it and I came up with a better
system for attracting better quality restaurant employees. So really quick,
before we get into those three steps, I want you to quickly pause
this video when I tell you to, pull out a piece of paper
and write down the five most important things when
you’re looking for an employee in your restaurant. Even if it’s a specific station,
let’s say that you’re looking for a sous chef, or for a kitchen manager,
or a front-of-the-house manager, I want you to just pause the
video right now and write down the five most important things that
you’re looking for in that employee. Did you pause the video?
No, I’m serious. Pause it right now and do it – five most
important things you’re looking for. Okay, good.
You’re back. So now what I want you to is, I want you to go
back through that list really quickly, no need to pause it and circle
the ones that are hard skills. See, chances are, you may be wrote
down one hard skill if you even did. Chances are, you don’t have anything
on your piece of paper like great knife skills or knows
how to clean a fryer or something very specific,
some very specific hard skills. Chances are you have things
like honesty, integrity, timeliness, able to show up
on time, right? Timeliness. You have more soft skills,
good communication skills, you have things that we’re looking
for in a good person, in a good employee, but a lot of times, we run our ads
and we’re looking for specific job skills, a lot of times we’re
looking for a cook rather than looking for a great person
that we could make a great cook. See, if you find a great
cook but they’re not honest or they don’t have integrity or they
can’t get there on time or they’re not responsible or they’re always
chaos in their lives, you’re never going to be able
to retrain that or you could, but it’s going to take
way too much time. So the first step is
hire on the soft skills. Find people that are
good people, that fit the criteria
that you need. Find the people who are honest and have
integrity and can show up on time and teach them the skills, right?
Develop systems, develop procedures to teach
them the skills they need. Now, you still need some general
skills, I’m not going to deny that, but go back and read a lot of your
ads that you’re putting online and chances are, you’re listing things like hard
skills that you need. Go out in the community and
talk to people. I love, I heard a story once
about a guy who had a HVAC company, it was part of a franchise,
and one of the franchise meetings, everyone was complaining
about staff, and this guy is like, what do you guys talk about?
I have no problems with staff. So he kind of put
together this forum and he started talking to
the other franchise owners and what he told them is that he
doesn’t look for HVAC techs. See everyone else is looking for
people who are licensed HVAC techs. Well chances are, if you’re licensed to repair air conditioning and
heating units and do commercial repairs like that and you
don’t have a job, it’s probably because you weren’t
very good at your last job, either your soft skills
or your hard skills, and so you got fired, or you’re looking
for a new place to work, that’s how this other company
ends up with you. That’s probably what’s
happening to you. The people that are looking for
jobs are looking for jobs likely because they’re not very good
at their other job. So this guy said, that’s not
what I hire for. I find people who have honesty,
who have integrity, and the way that I find that is
I tell everybody I meet, I tell every customer – we have
surveys on our website. Every time we have an
interaction with a customer or anyone in the community,
we say, do you know any men
or women between 18 to 25 who are really honest and
hard-working and probably grew up on a farm?
Because I’m looking for people like that. If they’re not making enough
money if they’re not happy in their career, will you have them
come talk to me? And he was getting a
flood of people who never even thought about a career in HVAC,
but they were honest people. Now he said, he happened to be
in a small town in Texas. He liked people who grew up on
farms because people who grew up on farms work hard,
but the point is, he took those people and
he trained them and sent them to school
and got them licensed and they became
very loyal employees, and he had a steady
flow of great employees. So the first thing is,
start looking for softer skills. Start looking for the
things that are most important, not necessarily the
hard skills. The second thing is
always be interviewing. Now, you may think
that interviews take a long time because you’re
doing them one-on-one. I don’t suggest that.
I suggest you do group interviews. We used to always have
ads running on all the websites and we would always be
talking to people and everywhere I went, if I was at the grocery store,
if I was at Starbucks, if I was at another restaurant and I bumped
into someone who had a great personality, even if I didn’t have
positions available, we always had an interview
once a week at the restaurant. It was a group interview,
it was an open interview, and I’m not going to get into
specifics of how you structure this, but I was always inviting people
into that group interview, so it didn’t waste a
lot of my time. If they showed up, great.
If they didn’t, no big deal. But there was always this steady flow of
people coming into the restaurant. Some people really impressed me,
some didn’t, but the point is this,
every single week, I was interviewing 2 to 3 people
even when I didn’t have positions, and you know what?
Sometimes people were fantastic and we found
positions for them because people are always
changing in your restaurant. So, tip number two is,
always be interviewing. Tip number three is, you better
have an epic onboarding process. Once you find
these people, you better be able to
onboard them fast, efficiently, and get the right information from
your brain into their head. Your success in the
restaurant business, part of your success
in the restaurant business is going to come down
to how quickly and how effectively you can get a
new employee up to speed. Now, we can put together all the
processes and procedures to keep employees longer in
your restaurant, and the better your restaurant is,
the more systems you have in place, the smoother your
operations are. If it is true, your employees
will stay with you longer, but the nature of the
restaurant business is that people are going
to come and go. You are going to have a
lot of staff turnover. Now you can complain about it or
you can do something about it. In this world, you can have money,
or you can have excuses, but you can’t have both,
so pick one right now because you can come up with all the
excuses in the world as to why hiring on soft skills
won’t work, as to why doing group
interviews won’t work, as to why systems aren’t
right for your restaurant, you can say this video is too long,
you can say that I’m full of it, you can come up with all the
excuses in the world, but you can have excuses
or you can have money. The reality is, people are going to
turn over in your restaurant, there’s not much you
can do about it, but the one thing you can do
about it is create a great, fast, efficient, onboarding process to take an
employee from ground zero to fully trained and competent
in their position as fast and as simply and as effectively
and as efficiently as possible. So to recap. Right,
we’re going to go back, we’re going to higher
on softer skills, we’re going to higher
on more people skills, we’re going to always be interviewing,
right? 1, 2) Always be interviewing. And 3) Have an epic
onboarding process. I hope you enjoyed today’s
video and I hope this helps you out in your restaurant. This has been Ryan
Gromfin with the Restaurant Boss. Have a wonderful week. I look forward
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