28 Incredible Lofts (New York Loft Apartment Design) Part 5

Hello and welcome to the channel about interior design! In this video stylish industrial apartments and decor ideas. Industrial kitchens, chic bar stools and loft bedrooms. Spacious apartment somewhere in the USA. Small garden in the apartment. Living room and stairs to the second floor. High ceilings and modern kitchen. Large window and beautiful fireplace, white walls. Stylish kitchen with beautiful lighting. Thanks for watching!

19 Replies to “28 Incredible Lofts (New York Loft Apartment Design) Part 5”

  1. SlimeMasterMad says:

    1:17 how many kitchens that place got?

  2. Serg Travel says:

    How much???

  3. helly santos .1 says:


  4. Germania Guerrero says:


  5. basejump says:

    you seriously wasted out time with bad stock photos?

  6. Christian Egon BΓ€rnthaler says:


  7. Diego Luna says:

    I stayed for the music

  8. South Standards says:

    Watching this in july love the music. Awesome lofts..decisions decisions!

  9. Fernando Aries says:


  10. Daniel says:

    I only stayed because of the jazz music it’s August and I’m in the Christmas spirit.

  11. Avante says:

    merry Christmas and Happy new year ❓❓❓❓

  12. PyrusPerseus says:

    love the one at 2:00

  13. Cleerlyinvisable says:

    Anyone else notice one of the pics was a set off of the show Travelers?

  14. Daweisstebescheid says:

    Christmas again … LOL πŸ˜‚πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

  15. B.L Ward says:

    Didn't really like the loft look growing up, too industrial looking to me, but the older me finds them a bit more appealing and oddly, for that same reason. I think the trend of converted warehouse office spaces helped via clever decor. The red brick and black accent ones tend to catch my attention a bit more, they feel a little bit warmer, but I think I also like most of them because of all the natural light and open space look.

  16. Ed Gregory says:

    What the fuck is with the shitty christmas music???

  17. Rosa Antonucci says:


  18. johann reichard says:

    die Musik ist nervtΓΆtend!

  19. Anna-Tania Transylove says:

    4:38….oh woow what a cool kitchen…floor, staircase,walls,window,view…fantastic

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