24 Hour 5 STORY CAT HOTEL Box Fort

hey I am the nice kid three defeat booze
it is honestly such an honor to meet you sir I heard so much about you for mr.
Wiggles yeah well I if you want to if you want to get to bed now mr. fluffy
balls will be happy to shut down the hotel for you I mean this is a
all-inclusive 24 hours stay and we’ll be making your breakfast for you in the
morning we have dried fish or something hey yo what’s going on everyone is Pappa
Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are gonna be
building a cat hotel that’s right guys mr. fluffy balls is currently on his
weights too fluffy to our house he’s extremely welcome and a good friend
of mr. rigell so you know we cannot mess up this hotel from it needs to be 5
stars 6 stars it needs to be the creme de la creme of hotel shake yes the last
time mr. wriggles was here we made a pretty awesome hotel but this time we
got to step up our game Jake I’m talking about 5 story box for ya that’s right
guys this thing needs to be absolutely legit Jake I see it it’s over there it
is Logan it is the toys-r-us of pets it’s Pet Smart which is where we are
gonna get all the stuff that we need to make mr. fluffy balls extremely happy
now thankfully because we’ve watched every single cat video on the Internet
I know a thing or two about cats and exactly what they like I mean I don’t
really like cats because I’m allergic to them we’re just gonna have to make the
best hotel we can do all right well let’s get inside pet smart guys and
start buying some stuff with this hotel and then we need to get back home and
start building this thing cuz mr. fluffy balls coming very soon and I’ve heard he
has a big temper we are guys time to find us some cat toys alright guys we
found the cat Isle there is a lot of cat aisle there’s so much cool stuff here
mr. fluffy balls will love these fluffy balls don’t forget this become laser pointer dude I got like a
laser light show for him and I feel my newest fastest friend we
wouldn’t even touch the turtle please follow me rule here yo what’s up Ted
they’re taking me props yeah can we take the turtle no not today Jake
today’s goal is the hotel I guess looks like we have everything we need for mr.
fluffy balls plus we can make some stuff at home but do we need to get back and
start building this hotel you know before he gets here let’s get going okay
guys so we are home and we have been working on this cat hotel for quite some
time and it is looking well about half complete and we do not have a whole lot
of time before Masoud he’s coming in like you’ve come in like one hour bigger
needs to be grander we don’t even have any rooms yet well we have this one room
built okay but that’s about it yeah so we we definitely have a lot of stuff to
add on to this right now we’ve been focusing on the actual like build of it
using the cardboard we haven’t added any of the fun stuff yet but to give you
guys a quick little tour this is probably my favorite spot over here this
is a ramp for mr. floppy balls to climb up to the second story now Logan have
you done the math on this can he climb this
he might okay this might not be a ramp this might be a slide depending on how
mr. fluffy balls works but that’s all in all it is coming together we have a ton
of really cool like spools and stuff for him to crawl through lots of different
fun places to play with but we still need to add more I’m gonna start working
on his room here making it really cozy and comfy while I think Logan you need
to start working on the play place so so far I built a cool little Lego
wall for his play place underneath on the first story so the main entrance of
this cat hotel is rape there once you come in come into this grand opening
hall with a beautiful Lego brick and then you have an exit into the back
which will have a great place right here let’s go see what Jake’s working on so
it’s up dude currently I am working on probably the most important part of this
entire fort it’s a little cat teeter-totter essentially Logan the cat
would walk up this side we’ve got still working out you guys know what – your
tartar works alright yes Jake this is not a teeter-totter also I don’t know I
don’t know so far this is the cat hotel it is looking pretty awesome we have a
bunch of cool little rooms here a cool little tall for him to crawl through and
yeah I guess we’ll just keep building and update you guys when it’s done so it looks like we have officially
completed the cat hotel with everything that we wanted add into this place I
think mr. fluffy balls is gonna love this place oh dude I totally agree and
look I don’t know if it’s gonna work or it was actually gonna do it but if he
does I’ll just kind of go like this we also have on the backside here all the
cat toys you could possibly want and there’s also Bridge which I don’t know
if he’s gonna get this high but if he does I mean it is five stories I don’t
know about that over here is going to be the snack area we have a little meow
pool that we’re gonna fill with some snacks and through this door is the
playroom we have lots of toys for mr. fluffy balls to enjoy do that looks
sweet and we also have like a stick and stuff so we could like he’ll like this
may make him do like jumps and stuff but I don’t know how mr. fluffy is gonna act
we don’t know what he’s like dude he could be like super serious maybe
doesn’t like toys maybe he won’t like any of them but you know he will like
Logan is this super luxurious room check this out this is the most comfy room we
have ever built it has a super fluffy pad with extra softness coming here
sleep if you want soup or you know just gonna relax and watch TV matter where he
goes in he should be able to get to the other section of the hotel the
five-story luxury cat hotel I think it’s ready man I think it’s time that we meet
mr. fluffy balls it’s gonna be such an honor
hey get free to feed boos honestly such an honor to meet you sir I heard so much
about you from mr. Wiggles it didn’t even this is your cat hotel it has
everything you requested it’s about your own personal room it has your own
personal play place what disappear uh yeah so why don’t you
take a look around and see if you like the place I mean we spent a lot of time
in this hotel and you’re gonna be here for next 24 hours so I’m defo Ella’s on
my gift yeah this is uh this is your top story
as you requested uh if you could move you to look at done I can’t do you like
this six story is exactly what I would ask for and the beautiful place to put
all of my money as you know I’m quite inexpensive and it’s doing the beach cat
this is the story there is a fifth story up here if you’d like to go up there I
don’t know if you want to is this place structurally secure yes that is very
structurally secure I tested it myself these these we did install a slide never
mind they jump up here if this is high is it good yes that is the brand
lookouts pod now if you want to come over here yes this is where we have some
food for you well it’s not breakfast time yet did this is the slide we
installed it’s not tested but that’s that’s a tree meow meow mr. pokey balls
do you not like the slide I don’t think he’s a too big of a fan of the slide ever girly bird and we also got you lots of toys this is
your personal playroom yeah just right in here you can play with any of the
toys you want and here they’re all for you this ball for example might be
really fun it’s a mouse of some sort I do like the buzz that’s why thank you
Ike’s the toys yes that ball does move mr. fluffy balls like that swatch guys
we spent so much time on this hotel for mr. fluffy balls and he’s going into our
other box sports gym once you find him we’ll bring him back here but still a
lot more to show him and I’m gonna see dude I worked so hard on that where is
he let’s fluff balls so currently he’s kind
of just walking around the fort checking out everything he seems to really like
the flavor but he’s extremely excited like he doesn’t really want to stay in
one place at once and I mean he hasn’t really gone in his bedroom yet but I
think that’s probably because he’s not tired I mean it is the middle of the day
and mr. fluffy balls is extremely energetic what are you doing in there
guys the cool thing about mr. fluffy he looks like a little cheetah he’s got
like cheetah print on him didn’t that that’s me
cheated before it I don’t suggest petting a cheetah but he feels like what
I think it feels like he doesn’t like this ball I thought because he has mr.
fluffy balls in his name he’d really like this but he just doesn’t seem to
like it he sees my kisses Lee Adama Lee good
slide I mean it wasn’t really a slide kind of used as a ramp but
I really wanted to use my teeter-totter guys like mr. fluffy it’s like this
looking upon this is before you go on this I didn’t exactly think you would
use this structural integrity is is this even structurally see well it it’s yes
it’s somewhat yeah I did use my bestest the box for helping this is not yeah I
know it is kind of a no I know it’s a horrible bridge yes it is kind of
unacceptable and with timid a well Jake at least to use the bridge again Diana I
should sleep get to bed now mr. fluffy balls will be happy to shut down the
hotel for you I mean this is a all-inclusive 24 hours stay and we’ll be
making your breakfast for you in the morning
with everything you want and think on the menu love what do we have dried fish
or something yeah yeah dried fish the driest a fish to just like dry fish six
and a half hours good morning mr. fluffy balls yeah how
did you sleep last night that means he stopped well her bad technically if he’s
got that much energy after waking up it must mean that he slept pretty well very
well Jake well it’s time to prepare practice just as downstairs mr. fluffy
balls downstairs I can smell something to
cognise MEAC so for mr. fluffy balls today I have prepared a nice meal of a
couple snacks hello mr. fluffy balls I I prepared your
back what are you doing in here I can tell that’s quite nice I made it myself
I worked very hard in the kitchen to make this for you so glad you enjoyed
sir it’s an honor may I pet you while you eat ask you what do you rate this
hotel I lead you to the foot and a head lobster well that that is quite an honor
thank you so much we spent so much time on it I mean this entire place is for
you to spend your 24 hours even BOTS Paul I was thinking if you were to get
say 50,000 likes perhaps I could send some of my friends to come and stay they
are both sugar gliders in your next video
Oh guys did you hear that if we get 50,000 likes mr. fluffy balls is gonna
recommend that his friends sugar gliders come what’s a sugar glider literally
glide through the air and fly like birds but they’re little like hamsters mini
hamsters that fly okay guys smack that like button we need
to get 50,000 likes well I think this is where we are gonna wrap up this video
for today I hope you guys enjoy our cat box for hotel if you guys did do not
forget to smack that like button down below and leave a comment down below as
to which end what you think we should do next guys let’s try and get 50,000 likes
mr. fluffy balls it’s gonna send some sugar gliders that’d be so sweet yeah
guys let’s crush that light goal so we can check out some sugar but anyway
thank you guys so very much this has been Papa Jay and Logan we’ll see you
guys next time for another awesome video

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