98 Replies to “$2000 Tokyo Apartment Tour – Shibuya Japan”

  1. Sriu Manda says:

    If the rent would be 2000 Indian Rupees , it would be so cheap.

  2. jypsy j says:

    that was hilarious!! love the videos!

  3. Franku Doge says:

    Toto ball wash.

  4. Michael Hughes says:

    I know that accent, is Newton Austrailian?

  5. Kayla Correa says:

    lol, newton is fineeeeee.

  6. exas4791 says:

    This video is helpful in various ways!

  7. Mike SaySoh says:

    Hi Paolo how's it goin"? It's my first time to comment" your vlog is hi tech
    .can't help πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  8. Michael Hughes says:

    Make sure you use quality headphones listening to the soundcloud. this stuff is freaking lit,brah!!!!!

  9. Ye Win says:


  10. TkyoSam says:

    God damn this apartment is awesome^^ I'm moving to Ebisu this year just for this reason^^

  11. Banhmiso1 says:

    You two look like fun guys to hang out with. Great video

  12. GoldenShaolinNutz says:

    NIce! Even tho there is a lot of stuff. all nice n neat. Ifeel like i live in an opium den compared to that nice place!…Oh wait it is an opium den…j/k Nice place man!

  13. Kookie Cooks says:


  14. Franshesca Vazquez says:

    How is he your best friend and dat was the first time in his apartment ??! Lol

  15. adonis abdessemed says:

    Thank you so much for these amazing videos, you are a professional , Japan make me exiting, it is clean, sophisticated, advanced, futuristic country.

  16. Cliff P says:

    Nice kicks!

  17. Cliff P says:

    I would give Tracy the best home!

  18. Valeriej English says:

    Do u have a Filipino blood?

  19. Bramantio S says:

    i am definitely really like his prank on beginning this video XD

  20. julia says:

    XD, my favorite part about my house is that warm floor, it makes me get up for school easier, lmao.

  21. La Tui says:

    Bidet > smearing shit around with paper.

  22. Mechros says:

    That's an amazing apartment, I would move there if I could.

  23. laken1804 says:

    Definitely a bachelor pad. Backpacks, boards. etc…

  24. Rainiel Ganareal says:

    Are you Filipino?

  25. Haziq Shahir says:

    Hye, Paolo are u a filipino?

  26. Ynneb Benny says:

    Sir Pao what is your nationality?

  27. Alison Koizumi says:

    the bidet part was hilarious

  28. Armi Rhodes says:

    LOL:-) One reason we are visiting Japan besides my sons fascination for Anime is my husband's fascination of Japanese Toilet…This will be a highlight for our trip…Bwahahaha. I am sharing this clip to his FB page .

  29. Liam D says:

    Looks like the back streets of Jinnan? Is that true?

  30. Dawngliana Pachuau says:

    quite spacious than i expected when you compare it with other ultra metro cities. plus with all the tech appliances.

  31. Ann Picard says:

    Oh my god NY funking good technology

  32. Ann Picard says:

    Loveee ittt

  33. stanggirl70 says:

    What kind of New Balance shoes are those? LOVE THEM

  34. Siks66 says:

    Where did you get your trainers from???

  35. Ranses Ziade says:

    I am interested in Japanese house distribution, floor plans, measurement (in mts), efficiency, human factors, I am starting to conduct a personal survey so I can design affordable housing without sacrificing comfort and space. Something like Le Corbusier living machine. Would you please help me? Thank you!

  36. Richard Groenland says:

    To see this: It took the sht out of me.

  37. Richard Groenland says:

    Don't push the red button.Or you go through the roof.

  38. Miguel Jardine says:

    Interning apartment I live in Okinawa Japan but I love Shibuya in Tokyo thanks

  39. Miguel Jardine says:

    Oh I love your toilet system same as I have in Okinawa

  40. Vad Wanuu says:

    This video was HILARIOUS! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laughs!

  41. paula brescia says:

    What is the song that is played in the beginning? Girl has a soulful voice!

  42. paula brescia says:


  43. Casey Loove says:

    Lmfao they just had to add the toliet bit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  44. Allen OcceΓ±a says:

    8:17 what's the bike?

  45. Akshit Abhi says:

    Japanese is most intelligent n sincere people.

  46. nimo omar says:

    "believe it or not, i haven't used the ass cleaning functions"- Newton lol my favorite comment

  47. XIAO says:

    I love this loft

  48. Julitrexx says:

    Entertaining video! Enjoyed the tour, never knew those toilets could be remote controlled lol.

  49. Alex Lin says:

    Bidets are so underrated! When I buy a house, that is the first thing I want installed! Loved Newton's reaction to the strong setting. hahaha. Nice pad!

  50. David Bauguess says:

    Oh man, why do I not live there? … I need to rethink my priorities…

  51. James W says:

    Like πŸ™‚

  52. Π”ΠΈΠΌΠ° Π‘ΠΎΠ±ΠΎΠ»Π΅Π² says:

    Do a specific tutorial or japanese toilets! Also this room tour was fun to watch

  53. Ki Neko says:

    Omg pls do more videos with thim! You guys seem to have so much fun. Even I could not stop laughing lolol

  54. Jessica Soriano says:

    LOL- your buddy was a good sport.

  55. Louie C says:

    love the way you edit, very Casey Neistat-esque

  56. Pedro Caldas says:

    Very cool apartment! But jesus, that's too much. If I were to rent my place, it'd cost about the same… but my house is about 450 sqm, with a 600 sqm garden.

    Holy crap Tokyo is expensive!

  57. nindroid says:

    that's expensive. almost like sydney. what does newton do at tokyo?

  58. desoz topdesoz says:

    Shibuya maybe cool if you are a 13 year old girl, but for everyone else it is just mass of 13 year old girls and over priced stuff.

  59. SBM says:

    I've been binging your videos, so good!

  60. Desy Natalia says:


  61. B3ll3ttz says:

    Paolo: "So where do you take a sh*t..?"
    Friend: (presents sh*t)
    Paolo: "Let's edit that out" (leaves it in)
    Paolo: "Remind you we're very good friends.. really good friends" (proceeds to watch his friend's ass…remotely)

  62. Hans GoingPlaces says:

    You are bad Paolo with friends like you who needs enemies

  63. ELECTRONICS Hobbyist /Mushthaq Ahamed says:

    for one month $2000?

  64. Jeffrey McNolte says:

    best video with ya mates ! lol

  65. Toilet Duck says:

    " […] feels like a kettle was put on my arse!"

    What times we live in.

  66. LePapillon says:

    lol dude spending a day playing with his fren's ass

  67. Habbuba Baby says:

    The apartment not worth the money, even its in central japan. 😫

  68. Alter Nerv Nich says:

    Dawm thats a nice Flat

  69. Troy Clark says:

    Thank you for the video, Thumbs up lol.

  70. drumtravelfun says:

    "We wash each others ass, for fun".

  71. khatdubell says:

    If you're gonna do it on camera, learn to tie your shoes properly. Please.

  72. J D says:

    The bed is so close to the ceiling in the loft I would get clostphobic

  73. Milos Kovac says:

    In Toronto, 2000 gets you a cardboard box.

  74. Dev Mahesvara says:

    that's funny, I visited my friend who's actually living in Shibuya and pays $1500 for 1ldk (5 minutes to station). it was beautiful! this loft is a scam tbh haha

  75. Nat Sashikata says:

    XD nice video

  76. brokemanga collector says:

    Sooo this is rent right?

  77. Vicki Vaeth says:

    Paolo I love your videos but this one cracked me up! πŸ˜‚

  78. Dmixx T says:

    Omg I died laughing at the strong part.

  79. Deanna Christensen says:

    That’s hilarious πŸ˜‚

  80. Elden raymund Broce says:

    Hi Paolo like your video how much is the rent for that apartment? and does it include like water and electric bill?

  81. 藀田裕 says:


  82. Youtube Tube says:

    clean πŸ˜‚ it

  83. eewoo says:

    4:52 "And here's the toilet, still fresh with my sushi from last night!"

  84. Rheena Castanar says:

    Nice place

  85. NiCeBeAtZz says:

    This is what you get for your 2000$ apartment : remote toilet bomb detonator.

  86. Daniel Ppa says:

    Beautiful appartment man

  87. Sweet_Lilly says:

    that was funny πŸ˜€ love ya videos

  88. Godmarz Popy says:

    Its cool to live in shibuya

  89. Bryan Feliciano says:

    2,000 fuck that…. XD
    That's like half my paycheck…. Shiiit

  90. phillip krefeld says:

    are there gokarts driving at 0:24 haha?πŸ˜‚

  91. Dan Sobieski says:

    Wow this mail box is such a great idea love it I want same in Europe :D.

  92. Barry Clark says:

    I need an Ass-Onsen. It's a damn shame bidets aren't common in the U.S.

  93. De -Vine says:

    I wonder what kind of job he has?

  94. Rick R says:

    6:12 best part of the video "wash each other's a$$ lol

  95. Johan Arvedal says:

    Damn I lol so tears come..^_^

  96. IaNaTion1 says:

    Maiko next for the bidet test πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  97. The jupiter says:

    Nice pad. Great video.

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