When Gordon Ramsay was just a “wee lad”
– as the Scottish would say – he studied hotel management. That expertise, alongside his chef skills,
surely came into play during Hotel Hell. In the show, Gordon’s role is to assess
and help many failing businesses, trying to give them a new life. Much like his cooking shows, he’s likely
to get angry with incompetent people – and that’s always entertaining to watch! That’s why we gathered 10 times that Gordon
Ramsay got angry on Hotel Hell. Juniper Hill Inn The Juniper Hill Inn had a beautiful structure,
but the management was squandering all away. The service was a mess, with no communication
going around. Robert and co-owner Ari were more interested
in giving people random tours than actually working! Gordon was getting increasingly frustrated
and, eventually, decided to step in. That was the last straw, and it left Gordon
wondering if people at the Juniper had any standards at all. Also, he tried to convince Robert to work
a little harder – or at least talk to his staff! In the traditional Ramsay style, but he wasn’t
the only one in Gordon’s sight. All in all, the whole ordeal looked like it
left Ramsay exhausted. But before we go ahead to more horrible Hotels,
show us your love! Hit the subscribe button and see more great
videos like this one. Now, back to it… Beachfront Inn & Inlet Things weren’t going well at the relaunch
of the Beachfront Inn. Brian, the owner, had trouble stepping up
to the plate. Meanwhile, chef Ben seemed to be botching
every order that was coming out of the kitchen. That’s even worse considering that one of
the customers was the mayor. When Gordon pressed Brian for a response,
he didn’t give Ramsay much hope. In fact, Gordon was doubting the whole operation. Ramsay then seemed to take charge, while Brian
wasn’t doing much. Chef Ben said that the mayor’s plate had
gone to his table. But when Gordon went to check… While Ben half-assedly tried to get the mayor’s
food going, a caesar salad caught Gordon’s attention. He couldn’t believe the response. Ramsay called two waitresses to point out
the obvious. After shoving the plate back at Brian, Gordon
wiped his hands clean. Brian didn’t know what to do. He was speechless and couldn’t even throw
the food out! Calumet Inn The Calumet Inn was an interesting place. It was owned by two sisters, who got it as
a present from their father. Rina thought running the business was too
much and ran away for three months. Vanda would usually wake up at 3 pm in the
afternoon and complain about everything. When Gordon arrived at the Calumet, he noticed
that the entrance was more like a prison. At the front desk, he met Mandy. She was previously the general manager…
and, according to the owners, might still be? The staff was absolutely overworked. After a horrible lunch, Gordon gathered everyone
for a quick talk. The chef was completely broken down. They didn’t seem to get the message at first,
though. They still tried to pin all of the blame on
the chef. They tried to make it all about themselves,
and Gordon wasn’t having any of it. Meanwhile, the waitress summed it up the best… Anglers Lodge During the renovation of the Anglers Lodge,
Gordon prepared a delicious menu that was well-suited to the Idaho region. With the restaurant packed with locals and
also a food critic, expectations were high. Things had to go smoothly in order for the
Lodge to have a chance of making it. Unfortunately, chef Gina didn’t seem to
get the memo. Chef Gina wanted to do all on her own, while
her sous-chef stood idly. Gordon grew more and more frustrated with
the situation. Well, that was a bad move: Gordon pulled her
away, still trying to resolve the situation. After tasting a bit of the salad that was
heading to the critic, Gordon finally had enough. He ordered the sous-chef to take over and
had Gina on dessert duty. Too bad she didn’t! Gina even struggled to scoop some ice-cream
and couldn’t properly reheat the dessert. Vienna Inn When Gordon was at the Vienna, things seemed
awful. Jonathan and Lisa, the couple running the
hotel, were constantly fighting. Sometimes, out loud! After inspecting the kitchen, Gordon was amazed
at what he found. Everything was an absolute mess – and Jonathan
didn’t even try to hide or make any excuses. The staff was having an even worse time. That drove Gordon up a wall. Plus, the staff uniform? They had to buy it with their own money! Even after Gordon renovated the place and
made a new menu, made special for them, they seemed to still be struggling. Lisa complained about every single small thing. Jonathan got lost in the kitchen. Gordon was livid. He tried and tried to get Jonathon to focus,
but it took some work. Curtis House Inn Family can be tough sometimes. Running a business too. So, it’s a wonder why some people think
of combining the two together. The current owners, however, were struggling. Gordon was shocked from the moment he stepped
his foot inside the Curtis House. They stored everyone’s credit card info
in a book. To top things off, she said Gordon’s room
was haunted. When Ramsay went to eat his dinner, he wasn’t
happy either. Owner Chris also worked as a chef, but he
didn’t seem to care at all. When Ramsay confronted Chris about how he
ran the kitchen, he didn’t even respond. The next day, things didn’t get much better. Gordon scolded the two siblings for not communicating. Like the dad he is… Monticello Hotel Monticello Hotel looked nice on the outside
– but on the inside, it was in a state of disarray. When Gordon arrived, he was surprised by the
location of his room. It wasn’t in the main, beautiful building. Rather, it was located in a Motel right next
to it! But things didn’t get better when he arrived
at the real room. The restaurant was also a mess. Meanwhile, Phillip happily flaunted his collection
of expensive cars at the front of the Hotel. During a lunch service, Phillip suddenly started
working. Meanwhile, the staff exposed the truth and
even got into an argument with Phillip. Phillip was so far gone that Gordon confronted
him, wanting answers. But, unfortunately, he didn’t seem to get
any. Roosevelt Inn The Roosevelt Inn was bizarre. It was an old school that was converted into
an Inn. The owner, John, seemed sort of crazy. John also had a penchant for laughing at his
own misery. John threw a monthly murder mystery dinner
where he dressed up as Sherlock Holmes. Meanwhile, his wife Tina was stuck in the
kitchen for the whole evening. But Gordon really got mad due to one reason. Gordon laid out all the facts in front of
John. John, however, still was in denial and proceeded
to run away again. Lunch was equally a disaster. Gordon doubted that the owner could even boil
an egg. Turns out, he was right. Brick Hotel Gordon was surprised with how run down the
Hotel looked when he arrived. It was also incredibly and almost unbelievably
dusty. The decoration was also throwing him for a
loop. Gordon’s usual test meal went horribly,
too. When he went into the kitchen, he wanted to
meet the chef. He also took the opportunity to finally address
the complaints of the ex-employees. Gordon found even more things to get mad about. You could see Gordon’s rage mounting. But the last straw was when Gordon spotted
a huge amount of grease laying around. Which was a huge fire hazard. Lakeview Hotel The Lakeview Hotel was another case of a Hotel
with a beautiful view that was lacking in just about everything else. When Gordon arrived, things quickly went off
the rails. At the front desk, Gordon noticed all the
dust gathering around. Gordon seemed to be transfixed by the dust
though. When Ramsay spotted the ice cream parlor,
he was shocked that they didn’t offer any samples. The whole place looked so messy and dirty
that Gordon assumed that it was closed! The fan sitting directly on top of the ice
cream was also filthy. When he went to his room, Gordon continued
to be shocked. The hotel was so tightly managed he couldn’t
even control the temperature of the air conditioner. Guess what happened when Ramsay took a look
at the unit? They only cleaned it twice a year! Did you enjoy Gordon getting angry with hotel
managers, for a change? What was your worst experience in a hotel? Share in the comments! Don’t miss out on your chance to win an
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  13. Lena Gorbonos says:

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  14. Rini Moon says:

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    Why do you always make Gordons eyes bright blue

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    Full blast or off.
    We decided on "off" for the overnight, but 1 roommate came in late. And turned the heater on.
    We woke up sweating in the morning.

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    I would wake up everyday to my mum cooking something early in the morning. To top it all off, there were cockroaches in the loving room doorframe, which I didn't see, luckily, but my mum saw them and refused to tell me that they were in the hotel room.

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