10 SNEAKY WAYS Restaurants Try To Save Money!!!

Everyone is out to make a quick buck; restaurants
are not immune to this affliction. There is lots of wastage in restaurants, it is not
easy to make a profit, so they need all sorts of tricks in order to succeed. Here are 10
Sneaky Ways Restaurants Try to Save Money. Smaller Portion Sizes Sometimes, things are beyond our control.
In the restaurant business this is particularly true as things can be volatile and fickle
from one year to the next.  It can be the rise of beef prices or the increase in cost
of vegetables from one year to the other. It can be something like the recall of lettuce
due to e-coli contamination or a shortage of celery. Restaurants must adapt quickly
and always find better ways to make a profit. It’s not always easy, restaurants have to
pay higher prices to keep up with the demand, and wastage is high with profits low. So,
they have to resort to some really sneaky tricks to make money. For example, portion
sizes can be decreased at the spur of the moment, without people noticing. A restaurant
can shave an ounce off a burger patty or use a smaller bun, without questions asked. The
same goes for plates–when food prices rise, restaurants can switch from 12-inch plates
to 11-inch plates without anyone noticing. This doesn’t only happen in fine dining
establishments but even your local fast food counter. When there is a shortage of produce,
they may switch to other cheaper alternatives as well. Restaurants are also notorious for
serving big portions upon opening but as time passes, they downsize portions. Once they
have you, they know you will keep coming back. Unless you really notice you’re being gouged. The Early Bird Specials It’s not just the plate size that can be an
illusion. In Florida, there are many restaurants that offer early bird specials. An early bird
dinner which usually starts at 4 pm is popular among seniors, as every typical sitcom cliché
has shown us. This is usually the lunch specials leftover from two hours ago. Many people are
impressed with the cheap cost and it tends to draw in big crowds. One restaurant in Florida
wanted to give the impression that their early bird dinner was in high demand, so they instructed
staff to park in front of the restaurant to give the illusion they were busy. People wanted
to know what all the fuss was about and began lining up in droves. As the restaurant filled
up, the staff would sneak out and move their cars to the back of the restaurant. Once you
were there, it was too late, they would seat you at the bar, up-sell drinks, which would
increase your tab, which in turn means more money for the restaurant. Some places would
procrastinate and keep you in line waiting till 6 p.m. It happens pretty often, and in
the end you’re paying full price. A couple in Sarasota, posted a complaint on Yelp that
they were scammed. First they had to ask about the early bird special, and when they got
the bill it was enormous. The waitress offered an excuse that they had changed the prices
last month and now only offered a smaller percentage off for early birds. Turns out
it was not really a good deal after all! Refill Old Condiment Containers Before you reach for the ketchup, mustard,
and mayonnaise containers on the table, think about this. If the Heinz Ketchup bottle looks
gunky, it’s because it probably has been refilled and sitting there for a while. It
is common practice in a restaurant that at the end of every shift the condiment bottles
are to be removed from the tables, cleaned, and replaced. But this doesn’t happen often.
Many restaurants are guilty of marrying condiments, they refill half-full bottles from bulk containers
in the kitchen. Gallon sized containers of ketchup are much cheaper than buying individual
smaller-sized bottles. The problem with this is, that ketchup can start to ferment after
a while, and there’s also no telling how old the contents of the bottle are. Those in the
industry say that the practice isn’t against health code violations, provided the bottles
are completely washed and sanitized before re-filling. But this rarely happens. It’s
not just ketchup and mustard, either. Restaurants might even smooth out a dish of already-served
butter to make it look fresh before sending it back out with the next bread basket. Fast
food restaurants do something similar by recovering packets of condiments that have been left
on the tables to save on cost. Charge Premiums for Add-Ons Paying extra for anything more on your sandwich,
salad, or plate is pretty standard practice in many restaurants. It’s common to pay
extra for a slice of cheese on your cheeseburger, or extra cheese on pizza. One investigation
found out just how much more customers are really paying for these little extras. Customers
usually get charged a buck fifty for extra cheese; this is close to a 400% markup. This
is a fantastic way for a restaurant to pad a bill and make huge profits, when that slice
of cheese would only have cost them a few cents anyways. Most items like cheese are
purchased in bulk. Then again, restaurants have complained that they lose money every
time someone adds extra guacamole to their burritos, even with the extra charge. It is
important to check your bill at the end of the meal. You’d be amazed at how easily
an extra bottle of beer or order of sides can find its way onto your bill, especially
if you are a large group. If something you didn’t order appears on the bill, make sure
to tell your waitstaff. Some staff and dubious business owners do this to get higher tips
or make extra money. Extra premiums for sharing portions is another practice that earns the
restaurant lots of extra money. But the type of premium that’s the best by far is when
restaurants charge clients for not eating everything on their plate. Recycling Food Another sneaky way that restaurants save money
is by recycling food. Everything in a restaurant that can be recycled usually is. Ever wonder
what happens to the leftover bread in your basket that is uneaten? Some restaurant insiders
admitted that bread that is not eaten sometimes returns to the kitchen, gets re-heated, and
then served to other guests. Even Anthony Bourdain claimed this was a common practice.
It’s a good recipe for disaster with contamination and people getting sick with food poisoning
or the norovirus. But because bread loses its freshness quickly, any good chef knows
that stale bread is good for a number of things the next day, like making breadcrumbs. Some
restaurants do throw out bread that has been served to customers, but there is always bread
that doesn’t make it out of the kitchen. Uneaten bread and stale bread are also turned
into French toast, crostini with your foie gras, or croutons for your Caesar salad. Extra
meats and fish are recycled and used in casseroles and non-descript dishes the next day. An example
is the delicious beef bourguignon on the lunch menu and fish and vegetable soups. Rice and
vegetables are also recycled. They end up in a mix of things. So next time you see French
toast on the menu, you know the kitchen had a lot of bread to get rid of. Breakfast and Lunch Specials Breakfast is the cheapest service to produce
in the restaurant business. Eggs are inexpensive and the meats served are usually pork items
like bacon, ham, and sausages, which are not costly. Another thing that consumers may not
be aware of, is that many restaurants also repurpose items that were not used during
evening service. Aside from the bread, they also recycle the potatoes to make hash browns,
mask them with onions and hollandaise sauce, and there you go. Breakfast also does not
entail big labor costs, and is much faster and easier to prepare, therefore less staff
is needed. Whatever is not used for breakfast is recycled for the lunch specials. Notice
how the daily lunch specials always contain something served the night before. Maybe spinach
makes an appearance in a salad, sautéed as a side dish, or pureed into a soup. Shrimp
might be served up fried or in a mango salsa. Restaurants might offer the same side dishes with a number
of their meals. This is done to try to save money by simplifying the ordering process
and making sure that highly perishable foods will be used. It’s a trick called cross-utilization,
and a profitable and smart restaurant will use it often. Dumpster Diving Sounds disgusting, but we don’t mean fishing
food out of dumpsters. Garbage can hold many secrets to how a restaurant is wasting food
and overspending. Owners of restaurants will routinely dig through the trash at their restaurants
to see what foods are ending up in the bin. Both from what’s being scraped off diners’
plates to what trash is coming out of the kitchen. If the owner sees lots of fries or
too much of an uneaten item, he will tell the employees and managers to serve smaller
portions. He will make adjustments to the menu and recipes to make it more appealing
as well. The dumpster dive also might reveal if the cooks are being careless with their
meal prep by throwing out good food or produce. For instance, they might be asked to be a
little more vigilant or make sure to use all of the vegetables they’re prepping. It’s a
dirty job, but someone has to do it. This will save a restaurant lots of money in food
costs, as well as reduce their garbage-hauling bill. These days many restaurants are also
turning to ugly produce, which is much less expensive because of the lack of demand. Some
restaurants promote this and base their menus on the items available at the market that
week. Alcohol, Cocktails, and Drinks Alcohol is another way a restaurant makes
big profits. One of the ways restaurants save money is not only by diluting cocktails and
colas with lots of ice, but also carefully pricing wine, beer, and spirits with huge
mark-ups. Next time you order a glass or bottle of wine, do the math. You will be surprised
at how much you are paying. Of course, bottles are usually marked up higher than at your
local liquor store. Granted the restaurant needs to pay for a liquor license, cost of
glassware, and staff, but a license can cost what a restaurant makes in drinks alone in
one night. For wines by the glass, there’s an unwritten rule in the restaurant business:
the price of a single glass of wine should be enough to cover the cost of a whole bottle.
The mark-up can be as much as 600%. And for Cocktails? Mixed drinks cost a fraction to
make. Restaurants knowingly serve weak cocktails. There are lots of ways restaurants save money
behind the bar, usually by giving customers a little less. They create much fanfare with
preparation of your drinks, meanwhile shortchanging you a full shot in the process. Other dishonest
bars and restaurants might slightly dilute the contents of their liquor bottles, or pass
off top-shelf liquor with a cheaper version. Dubious bartenders’ resort to all kinds
of tricks to make a fast buck. The liquor usually is poured at the bottom of the glass,
then topped with ice so the first sip you take with a straw is a strong one, and the
rest of the drink weak. You’re most likely not to notice. Prepared, Ready-Made Foods Another way restaurants save money is by purchasing
prepared or ready-made foods from local distributors. We all assume that when we dine out, restaurants
make everything from scratch, but it’s a far cry from that. Restaurants have tricks
of the trade to save money and make you believe they are serving you meals made totally in
house. You are not only being served frozen French Fries, but also dinner rolls, croissants,
filled pastas, battered fish, and desserts. It is cheaper for restaurants to order certain
prepared foods, including sauces, soup bases, and salad dressings. Making these from scratch
can be time consuming and laborious, not to mention will require lots of staff. They do
not want to waste money hiring staff to sit in the kitchen all day waiting for a stock
pot to simmer. If you’ve ever been to a wholesaler restaurant-supply store (like Costco) and
have taken a peek inside the freezers, you’ll know that a restaurant can order ready to
serve versions of many things. Then all they have to do is heat them up and serve you.
So, if you’re looking for an authentic experience, steer clear of many fast food restaurants
and opt for finer dining. It may cost you more, but then again, you can eat at home. The old Switch-a-roo Trick The many ways restaurants save money is by
pulling the old Switch-a-roo trick on certain menu items that are very expensive. This is
not limited to just sushi bars who switch out the yellow fin tuna for a cheaper version,
but also some other fine dining establishments that will say they have run out of an item
and replace it with an inferior one at the same price. Fancy restaurants have been busted
for touting rare and exclusive Japanese Kobe beef on their menu, when it was really a slightly
less prestigious type of beef. Sushi bars are also notorious for switching out the high-end
species for less expensive fish. And you’re still paying for it. Seafood fraud is a big
problem, with one in three samples mislabeled. In some cases, restaurants have been found
to be serving a fish called Escolar, which is known to cause serious digestive issues,
instead of the white tuna listed on the menu. Deadly for some. Just tap that screen for more great BabbleTop
videos. And if it’s your first time here, show us some love and pound that subscribe
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    Yet if you ever watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They seem to always pride themselves on "scratch made everything"!

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    LMFAOO HUH THIS IS A LIE. I’ve worked at restaurants ever since i started working at the age of 16, they don’t do this 😭

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    I’ve never seen a bottle of mayonnaise at my table next to the ketchup

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    I went to Denny's once. I ordered a basic breakfast. I told the waiter I want to substitute my pork bacon for turkey bacon cause I am allergic to pork. She said "Ok". So I waited patiently for my meal. Not only was my food late, but when she placed my meal in front of me, I said "That's pork bacon. I ordered turkey bacon cause of allergies. Now you have to make me a whole new plate of food" She was extremely ignorant and said "Now we have to waste this plate by throwing it into the garbage" I said "If you had made it right the first time no food would have been wasted!" I finally finished my meal. I got the bill. I paid what was on the bill right to the last nickle. She says "Where is my tip?" I said "Not applicable at this time" She was mad! lol

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    I find it amazing that we were taught as children to never lie, cheat and steal, now that we're all grown up we find that almost everyone is lying , cheating and stealing. I guess they need honest people to prey on, the gullable

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    Now I can't afford to dine out but when I did a few dives looked guilty of these sneaky practices.

  12. Buick Mackane says:

    Watch out for Red lobster, they will only fill your bowl of lobster bisque halfway and fill your glass of Sangria with mostly ice.

  13. Game Guild says:

    Often you have to write down what you trow away, whit that list managers can check en see what action to take.

    Example in the morning I was only allowed to put hand full of lettuces on the table, because it has to be room temperature to get on de burger.
    Otherwise it makes the burger cold very vast

  14. Expat47 says:

    So they're SNEAKING around to make a profit. Shame on them for being business minded! It would be much, much better if they went out of business and left you alone with your complaints.

  15. johneygd says:

    Wow, i didn’t know they even recycle food,i alway’s tout that costumers who don’t eat their food at all or not completely that will get charged for this in order to cover the waste costs from those restaurants,but i guess it’s cheaper to recycle food to save costs and to keep high demand,welp no i can understand why we can get sick once in a while,,oops.

  16. Michael Mendillo says:

    I will never forget when I was 15yrs old and got my first job washing dishes at a very big steak house in my town in Ct. I am now 58 ! But every meal came with a huge, beautiful, Idaho potatoe, completely wraped in tin foil . It broke my heart to throw these perfectly good potatoes into a trash can night after night !!! I would eat a few a on my shift , and bring some home, where they where very appreciated, and needed, to be honest ! But I also thought about homeless people, its a shame to waste good healthy food,,,,, 😁✌🕇💕

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    We notice, we just don't come back !!!

  18. The Yellow Cursor says:

    Those random show snippets just confirms most movies and tv shows are completely shit and retch inducing garbage. Every time I see it makes my skin crawl. Almost as bad as these cost saving measures that this video covers.

  19. tom farley says:

    Yeah that's right small changes you may not notice. But it gets to a point when you do. Does anyone remember that video I saw that had people eating with blindfolds on at a restaurant

  20. Paul Torem says:

    i work in a tourist town with casinos. one of the casinos got into serious trouble for passing off pork as veal or veal as pork and got shut down until they made those changes. the employees had complained about this and changes were made as a result. somebody could have had an allergy or something far worse. also in regards to bread. any food left on plates and such gets thrown out because of food contamination. any fresh bread in the back of the house that does not get used gets sent to the in house bakery where they dry them out and turned into bread pudding. most breakfast items do get thrown out as they cannot last until the next day except for bacon and sausage as it gets ground up and used into omelettes or put into the country gravy. some of the items are salvageable but later use but some of these items are pretty extreme. the best way you can tell that a restaurant is clean is to check out the bathroom if the bathroom is clean the kitchen is clean if the bathroom is dirty walk out of that restaurant. i worked at a casino that made most stuff from scratch as it was cheaper to do it yourself to make like dressings and such. but i have worked at another casino that bought everything in already made like the meats salads or frozen. it was cheaper on labor costs. but lacking on the quality of food. i worked the kitchens for almost 20 years and i have seen it all and walked away from it. the crap i have seen is unbelievable

  21. jblyon2 says:

    My first job we refilled the glass ketchup bottles from a bulk container (with the proper brand), but only when the bottles were almost empty, and the bottles were cleaned as well

  22. ellieminnow says:

    This was really irritating to watch. I worked in a variety of restaurants doing cooking, serving, cocktail, expo, and bartending. Only ONE of the things you listed was true which was the alcohol markups. Yes, it's marked up astronomically. However, I've never seen the alcohol being diluted with anything. Also, I've been to restaurants that serve drinks that are really strong and wound up being asked to leave for being drunk after one drink. It's not a good idea to get your patrons trashed despite everyone thinking they're being cheated by being given a 2oz pour in their cocktail and wanting it to be a double shot for free. They just think they want it stronger but it's not a good idea. Also you can digest that within an hour and be safe to drive home so if you have 2 drinks with dinner but you spend 2 hours at the restaurant, you'll be ok when you go to drive home. However if a person is served a cocktail with more liquor than they can digest, they might leave and kill someone or themselves driving home.

    I have NEVER witnessed any of the restaurant serving uneaten food to the next customer. NEVER. The server takes your plates when they pre bus your table and it gets thrown in the trash no matter if you the customer touched it or not. That includes any bread they didn't eat.

    Also, using stale bread for croutons or breadcrumbs is HOW YOU MAKE CROUTONS AND BREADCRUMBS! Look it up. The only thing that proves is the restaurants are trying not to be wasteful. Customers are wasteful enough. There's starving people everywhere but restaurants throw away so much wasted food from the customers. And once again IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR FOOD IT GETS THROWN AWAY NOT RE-SERVED!

    Also, marrying condiments. Yes they do that but they also replace the whole bottle frequently enough that there's no reason for this to even be an issue. Except maybe the restaurants with the glass bottles, I think they might marry them forever and refill them forever I'm not sure but they would have to clean this frequently.

    Witnessing large amounts of waste on people's plates from a certain item and serving less of it, is just smart. Why serve people more food than they can eat esp if it's something they are willing to throw out instead of asking for it to be boxed up to eat later. Really, what's wrong with this?

    This is why people come in with snotty and suspicious attitudes the second they walk in the door and the wait staff has to put up with it. That's an extremely stressful industry to work in to begin with. I hated it and I'll never go back. You're just giving people stupid reasons to act like jerks next time they go out to eat.

    Also, the servers will be fired for not upcharging for extra items. Also, if you don't add it to the bill to send to the kitchen, they won't give it to you to give to the customer. Most servers don't like doing it because customers get mad about it and tip less when they see it on the bill. I've had customers actually say to me "well that's coming out of your tip" after I explain why I charged them for it.

    This was a waste of my time to watch.

  23. Lightningstone2u says:

    That's why I cook and bake at home.

  24. White Cobra says:

    This is disgusting. They recycle food. Yuk im not eatting out ever again. It has someone elses disgusting slobber on it. No thank you.

  25. Birchami . says:

    In what world is bacon not costly? The average price for a pack of bacon in canada is almost 5 bucks a pack.. when I was a kid, it used to be way cheaper, and better quality..

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  27. Ray G says:

    A lot of this isn't bad at all. It's actually smart. As long as they are not reusing food products that were actually served to a customer. It's all good. Saves the Planet. This should be a video of how to repurpose food to save the planet and save you money in the home. . My Grandmother use to use stail bread and make bread crumbs or use it for stuffing or meatball. A deli I worked in as a kid used to use the ends of the cold cuts you could slice on the machine, cut them up in squares and make an Italian salad out of them. There is nothing wrong with a lot of this.

  28. keith green says:

    People forget restaurants are a business first

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    I do this shit with my kids all the time… Ya there lucky its free wen i bought this shit yesterday because they dint wanna eat it today. I warm it up in the microwave and say hey im going to the store to get sodas… Ya millinials will never know the struggle

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    Are you promoting the destruction of the white race?

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    The restaurants in this country are nothing but microwave slop huts!!!

  35. David Lehner says:

    This is propaganda. I'm a chef. I cook fresh. Cross utilizing even accurs at home. We all need to save money and food waist. All of the specials I run are fresh. Stop producing propaganda!

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  43. John Suave says:

    Lol… if you have a problem with a 400% markup for extra cheese when a 300% markup is standard across the board for every item in a restaurant just to pay the bills and wages, then cook at home. You guys know a restaurant is a business, right?

  44. Aleister Blacke says:

    Well no sh!t about the liquor. You get 5 glasses of wine out of one bottle. Look at the price of a bottle. Any business caught substituting a cheaper alcohol in place of a more expensive one faces heavy fines and loss of liquor license. Bartenders are taught – ice, liquor, mixer. Anyone caught diluting a bottle faces a heavy fine and loss of liquor license. Shots vary from 1 ounce to 1 1/2 ounce, depending on the business. Nothing illegal about that. Any bartender caught shorting someone on their alcohol faces being fired. Reprimanded and/or written up for sure.

  45. You Tube says:

    I've dropped food on the disgusting floor at this restaurant I used to work for. My friend would pick it up and put it right on the plate because we were very busy. I felt bad but well there's always that 5 or 3 second rule.

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    A few cents for cheese?… What planet are you on

  48. ryan leet says:

    Profits margins are tight… Owners work 70 hours a week.. No one is making millions.. Add up all the overhead.

  49. Mark Yearout says:

    In almost 40 years working in restaurants, I’ve never seen anyone recycle fish or meats off of the table. The majority of this video is bullshit. Yes, specials are sometimes made out of overproduction, but portion control is standardized.

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    Ok, am I be only person weirded out by how she says “mayonnaise”?

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  52. Zaptor says:

    The worst scam in most restaurants is ice. They fill the glass with ice and drizzle pop over it or whatever the drink is. Ice displacing the volume of the drink. Most of the pop comes out of a refrigerated dispenser and really doesn’t need ice. Foaming the beer to give less is a technique. I’ve seen the servers stir the beer with a straw to foam it up and make the glass look full.

  53. Joe Watts says:

    So avoid eating out

  54. Anarchy Time says:

    portion sizes in the USA are to big away. We should become more like our friends over in Europe.

  55. Jacklynn Castle says:

    Another bartender's/pub owner's trick: make the drink, shorting the liquor by a bit (every ounce counts!). The after you've prepared the mixed drink and inserted the straw, pour a bit of straight liquor into the straw (not as much as you shorted the drink of course). Because physics or whatever the liquor stays in the straw and doesn't mix into the drink. The first sip or two seem very strong to the customer, while the overall drink is weak/watered down/plain old crap. This trick can also be used when using well liquors to make drinks advertised and sold as "top shelf". Make that drink with a $7 each 750mL booze and pour in the $30+ per 750mL hootch into the straw.
    (I've also seen barkeeeps use top shelf for the first few drinks, then swap to the cheap stuff when they think you're too plowed to taste the difference but keep charging you for the prime stuff.)

  56. Chris Lashley says:

    Ok I'm sorry as an executive chef I can say some of this is super farfetched bread is always thrown away its super cheap and not worth saving. Second "the markup on alcohol with your liquor liscence can be recovered in a single evening"???? A liquor liscence runs between $500,000 to 1 million dollars in many areas your $6 glass of wine will not recoup that in a timely fashion.

  57. TriXleS ._. says:

    Who noticed this Illusion/editing mistake? At 11:00

  58. charles Hawkins says:

    i cooked for years for many chains , ihop perkins villageinn dennys apple bs.. ive never reused food once sold , marrying condiments yes but generally does not get old since a bottle of ketchup will get used fairly fast .. most use 1/3 bottle on fries lol we generally had strict rules n guidlines as for food quality i dont know about fancy resteraunts where they have high dollar costomer ave . i always worked at the fast food resteraunts .

  59. s45gr32 says:

    I work in the restaurant industry. Yes, most of the food is frozen and already made. The exception is salads doesn't matter fast food or not salads have to be made to order.

  60. A R says:

    Charging extra for extra food?! How dare a restaurant do that!

  61. Boyd Crough says:

    This video gave no examples of specific restaurants who were caught doing these practices. If you can't back up your claims then it's hearsay and anecdotal. The video showed a lot of restaurant logos but didn't state they were the offender. Also, I think that some of there practices may not be as bad as the video is suggesting. Yesterday's dinner bread into French toast, or croutons, or bread crumbs? Good use of day-old bread but prove any of this bread was previously served to a customer. I think to do that you would have to do some undercover investigations with covert cameras.

    I agree that some restaurants do refill condiment bottles from a bulk container. I have a friend who owns a local chain and I remind him and his staff that they have to clean these refilled bottles each time they refill or daily if they refill during business hours. Also, I remind him that children (and adults) play with or lick on the bottles as well as the salt/pepper/sugar dispensers; so they need to clean them periodically. Restocking sealed condiment packets is not a problem either but the restaurant's policy should be to collect them, place them separately, clean them at the end of the day and then restock them.

    To address the bar/alcohol charges, my buddy tells me that alcohol is a huge profit-making part of his business but his costs are high too. His annual alcohol license is around $20,000 and he is required to purchase "bar liter" bottles of his liquor from distributors. I can buy Jack Daniel's at Costco for half the price he buys the same volume of JD from his distributor (I know for a fact because he bought too much from his dist. and wanted to sell me a case at cost, but after I calculated it out, it wasn't cost-effective to buy his case).

  62. ShrinkDavid 1982 says:

    these videos are made for idiots.

  63. David Oldham says:

    "sneaky" "tricks" millennial code words used to excuse them not going out because they're broke buying the latest junk by whomever, now really who's sneakier the food establishment or your need for the latest gadget….sad

  64. sungod L says:

    Marring ketchup and other condiments is rare now, but if they give you those little plastic cups to go its probably old.

  65. Ashish Kadam says:

    I dont get the point. Looks like restaurant can go out of business but have to provide what guest wants. Slice of cheese example.. bread example. What is the point here

  66. Thunder 221 says:

    These restaurant are saving the planet more than we are

  67. Maureen Tate says:

    I went out to dinner with a friend , we had the same thing except I used the Ketchup, within a half hour of eating I was in the bathroom having projectile vomit! Now I eat at home!

  68. Joey Sal says:

    And it's a delicacy to eat at a restaurant! My hubby should thank me for Making fresh meals daily! Lol

  69. Sizzel TV says:

    The amount of fake is very high with this

  70. robert zerrenner says:

    Being in the bar/restaurant business for years, some of this stuff is accurate, while a lot of it is not. Yes, ketchup bottles are refilled-most times they are Not washed out first. I have never seen meat/ fish recycled, certainly off another's plate, although unsold meat/fish is usedfor soup the next day.  Reheated rolls are common in restaurants for That particular day-by the next day? They become Croutons/Bread Crumbs. I tended bar in my 20's and worked for a two owner bar-one was constantly watering the booze and trying to sell expired beer. Personally, if a customer wanted a shot of some expensive booze you could read a newspaper through-I would tell him we were out. If he pointed to the bottle, I would show him the bottle and ask him to buy something else. ANY restaurant owner that only buys canned/frozen foods and just reheats and sells it as Fresh, doesn't belong in the business.

  71. Muslimahon Bahromova says:

    Cook at home people and happy halloween

  72. Big Travis says:

    I really enjoy the
    #delmonicossteakhouse 24oz 🥩 special and never order the sides ,
    Mushroom 🍄
    Potato 🥔
    Rice 🍚
    On the rare occasion I dine alone a nice $10 tip keeps the wait staff happy

  73. Big Travis says:

    Chineese restaurants always have empty dumpsters
    A buddy of mine drives a tipper

  74. John Lupo says:

    STOP WITH THE DAM BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Mid West says:

    fast food salvaging condiment packets and yet they pitch 55 Gal barrel's of food daily…Crazy

  76. Mike Jones says:

    Talk to professional caterer to hear this x 5.

  77. Charles Clark says:

    I may never eat out again!

  78. KC Prity says:

    most of these are not allawed by healthcode and also markups are not only for the produce they have to sel a piece of cheese lets say atleast 4times the buyinprice to make a small if even profit
    also refilling unfinshed bottles that have expire dates is against the hygene code so if they do they take the risk of infections and lawsuits

  79. MBFLA45 says:

    My local Chik-Fil-A eliminated the broccoli from their salads… then the croutons… then most salad dressings. I don't eat there any more.

  80. Phillip Lowe says:

    My old job would use old (unserved) bread as the bread in French onion soup, give it another day or 2 and it worked perfect

  81. Kai says:

    A restaurant I went to in Turkey some years ago tried to put 3 kebabs and 15 beers on my bill. All I had was a beer and some fries. I had heard about putting stuff on bills, but that was absolutely ridiculous.

  82. j mack says:

    I never use bottles of condiments left on the table by the restaurant. People have filthy hands and kids lick the bottles ,it is handled by many people..yuck. II have seen restaurants and grocery stores take an older processed ham and it begins to shine and turn a gray-green color. To make the ham look new again you could take a paper towel and wipe the ham with bleach and it turns a nice pink color again. Also, in a meat case at grocery store the meat looks red and fresh. That is because the lights make the meat appear red. Once out of the store it will turn gray if it is older meat.

  83. j mack says:

    Restaurants and companies are notorious for switching names of foods and fish. If you order Red Snapper type fish there is a 50% chance you will get another type fish. Take the fish called "Bonefish". Bad name and low sales until they now call it "Chilean Sea bass" and it retails for $25.00 lb retail upwards. Restaurants want you be "full" when you leave so they usually have the largest potatoes or super mashed potatoes served. Booze is a money maker and usually the prices you pay for the first drink is the cost the restaurant paid for the bottle. Best way is to ask the restaurant if they have a corking fee. I rarely order "hash" or stew since it probably contains whats left of the foods that did not sell during the week.
    Lastly, the restaurant business takes a lot of work and is brutal with the hours to work. After a restaurant closes the truly hard sweat work begins. Lastly, I travel quite a bit and before I eat in certain type restaurants I first go to the rest room. If they are not immaculate then the kitchen is the same way-filthy and so are the "cooks".

  84. Your Momma says:

    Eating out is gross to me I'm not to lazy to cook at home.

  85. Thomas Papp says:

    I'm a bartender at a high-end restaurant and everything they said about weak cocktails is fucking horseshit. Babble Top is lying and needs to stop lumping in the few shit restaurants/bars with the good ones.

  86. SnarlyCharly says:

    If something goes out to the table, it goes in the garbage if it's not eaten. No matter if the plate looks completely untouched. I've never worked at a restaurant that re-served any food that had already left the kitchen. If any health inspector sees that happening, expect a nice penalty on your sanitation score.

  87. Jeff Webb says:

    There was a time when I dined out frequently, these days, not so much.

  88. Jetman80 says:

    Most of all hot foods at Olive Garden are microwave meals

  89. F*CK tRump Ha's are here says:

    I miss the old Mustard Bottles. Because we could use it for DOUCHING my ass it can or could Squirt a lot of water up the ads lol

  90. d d says:

    She is an idiot who sounds like a fool

  91. d d says:

    Tuna is garbage the Catholics eat it a lot and you see what they are!

  92. Key Herriot says:

    Back in the old days, everything cose cents but when monney came. It was good to people. Monney was made so people can fight over it and then kill them

  93. Philipp Übele says:

    liquor is put in first so the room-temp liquor doesn't generate too much melt water. just a thing of quality.

  94. Susan Farley says:

    For au jus sandwiches I have seen in restaurant supply places sell the pre-made au jus. It doesn't taste very beefy

  95. David Brock says:

    Almost all restaurants refill condiment bottles and do not clean the bottles in the process…sometimes the lids get cleaned but usually just wiped off with a damp towel

  96. David Brock says:

    all buffets recycle food

  97. FrankieTheWop says:

    Special sauce is made by wringing out old hamburgers.

  98. Julia Naylor says:

    Nouvelle Cuisine, the biggest con ever.
    Read up on the best restaurants to go to wherever you go.
    Food hygiene is enforced by law in the UK and you can avoid trouble by looking for the establishment's hygiene rating on their window or door or website, if they don't meet that standard complain.
    Also look at the inside of the place you're going into as you come in, again if you don't like the look of the place, leave unless you've booked.
    Too much food in the bins in the UK can result in vermin, so if you see other people not eating enough, don't fine there again, just in case.

  99. Julia Naylor says:

    Watering down drinks in the UK will if it's found out, cause the loss of their drinks license.

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