91 Replies to “#1 hotel for your journey to the afterlife | Hotel Del Luna Highlights | Netflix [ENG SUB]”

  1. Johannamarie Reyes says:

    Will this be on Netflix in the US?

  2. Libby Ly says:

    hotel del luna no doubt is the best

  3. ILove purple says:

    Hotel deluna on Netflix yesssssssss I already watched it but imma rewatch it all over againnnn

  4. i dont know says:

    Ojalá este en Netflix de latam

  5. sena jabeen says:

    Waits its COMING ON NETFLIX 100% recommend the show

  6. Simone de B. says:

    Can't believe it's been two months since this fantastic drama ended. It's finally on Netflix. I've just recommended HDL to my two nieces now that they're on a short school break. 🙂

  7. Pr Paulo Henrique says:

    한국 시리즈는 더빙 브라질로 와야했다

    hangug silijeuneun deobing beulajillo wayahaessda


  8. Breauna Grace says:

    It's not on the US Netflix!! noooooooooooooo🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  9. Breauna Grace says:

    Please have Hotel Del Luna added to the US Netflix too. Omg please😭😭😭

  10. emily leal says:

    wait is it going to be available in the US though????

  11. EXOnctSKZiKONateez Got7wayVAstro says:

    2 months ago
    Sulli appeared in this drama

    It's hurt so badly

  12. jinyoungsquishyass says:

    I’m gonna watch it over again and have my heart broken in two. AGAIN. but it’s going to be worth it. BEST DRAMA EVER!!

  13. Jenus Antonio says:

    :< (it’s not in Netflix canada)
    Please have hotel del luna in Netflix canada so I can recommended it to my mom

  14. Castor Troiiy says:

    😍 wooOW Hotel del luna 😍
    😍 Please HDL season 2 Netflix, please 😍

  15. 33Ludmi/Stan Blackpink says:

    Alguien sabe si lo van a poner en netflix latinoamerica? Ya que no me aparece en próximamente ni nada

  16. Castor Troiiy says:

    😍 wooOW Hotel del luna 😍
    😍 Please HDL season 2 Netflix, please 😍
    It's not on the South América Netflix ? nooooo, please

  17. Amy Hzd says:

    Ya lo van a dar en USA y aquí en México nada 😡😡😡😡.

  18. Maria Mohammed says:

    Will this be on every Netflix? Or just Korea and USA?

  19. Shiela Grace Centino says:

    I love this drama 😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘 super

  20. Zackbeetle says:

    I watched all past drama shows so far but this drama is the first show I rated it 10/10. This show is too good. Now that is on Netflix, 100% I will rewatch again. Highly recommended to those who haven’t watch yet.

  21. La Loisaa says:

    I looooooooove this series. So glad its in netflix, i can rewatch every Jang Man Wol scene all over again in super hd 😭😭

  22. Geanderson Veloso says:

    Brazil please!!! Loved Hotel del Luna

  23. Juvielyn Calatin says:


  24. melany ib says:

    Why is not available on my region??
    Please I need it

  25. Vanessa Denise Santos says:

    Value Netflix

  26. ANKUR says:

    Petition to add more kdramas and Kmovies on Netflix.

  27. NANCE says:


  28. isha says:

    Honestly, if there ever was a Hotel Del Luna, I'd want to visit it for sure. In my Afterlife, I mean 😁😅

  29. Crazy Little Things says:

    When you're already done watching it and it just appeared suddenly on Netflix, it made me pissed as hell.

  30. we are superhuman says:

    Why make a video like this when every second of Hotel del Luna is a highlight?

  31. The BD says:

    So it's going to be on Netflix US??

  32. D' Mia says:

    It's been 2 months since the drama ended but lately I have seen Hotel Del Luna drama videos and this has made me miss this drama and its actors

  33. Isah Kmro says:

    I really miss this Drama so much 😭

  34. Shahzadi Ana says:

    I've already watched it 😢😢😢and now it's on Netflix!

  35. April Rose Baniel says:

    100% recommend this series! You won't regreit it! ❤❤ this is funny though

  36. Kim s says:


  37. nissa mokoginta says:

    When is this on netflix? I already watched everything.. i dont see anything on netflix.. this drama should be on netflix the moment it aired

  38. Saori says:

    Please add to the version in JP!

  39. I am namjoonie's dimples says:

    I saw IU and I was like yep ,I've gotta watch this 😮😮♥♥

  40. Ms Diego says:

    I highly recommend “Her Private Life” too

  41. Lottie says:

    When will it be on UK Netflix?

  42. Jordan Sarkisian says:

    When you read tons of articles saying it’ll be available on Netflix worldwide except Korea, and they conveniently leave out the US too lol

  43. 後藤弥月 says:

    Please JAPAN!!!!🇯🇵

  44. Jessi Calisto says:

    Quem não ama Hotel Del Luna

  45. Jean Clair Larita says:


  46. michellin ng says:

    Thx Ost👏👏👏🎶

  47. Athulya says:

    My fav kdrama of all time!💜

  48. rock roll says:

    YOU ARE TELLING ME HOTEL DEL LUNA IS COMING TO NETFLIX. HOLY SHIT. I watched it while it was air. 10 on 10 recommend. it's a masterpiece. now I have to tell all my friends who couldnt watch it because it wasn't on Netflix.
    edit: I am gonna play this in the background, just to give it views on netflix. but if i watch it again, I know I wont be able recover a second time.

  49. Arid Fatima says:

    I'm going to start watching it

  50. Jhoie C. says:

    Hoteldelluna coming here in ph😍😍😍😍

  51. lovelylucas says:

    This is one of my favorite dramas of this year. It made me cry, laugh and feel so many things. Really recommend this drama❤

  52. coldpulse says:


  53. 名もなき人 says:


  54. MissJR says:

    If you’ve not seen it and having second thoughts. I say don’t waste your time. Just watch it, it’s amazing. 😉 Best drama of the year!!!!

  55. J. Cabatingan says:

    That girl was banged by Eunhyuk and she posted it on instagram! LOL

  56. Victoria Daitche says:

    🌸 Please add Hotel del Luna to the German Netflix 🌸

  57. Abigail Caber says:

    Wow! Thank God. It's on Netflix now and also on our tv channel wow! So interesting❤️

  58. angie castro says:

    I need it on Netflix soon please!

  59. Veronica Chiu says:

    Is not in Canada’s Netflix right?

  60. Karlita Pérez says:

    El mejor drama ya lo vi y me encantó, la mejor pareja super lindos y los ost están geniales 😍😍

  61. Pradhita Audi says:


  62. Jeanne G says:

    Omgg hope its gonan be on Netflix france, I’ve already saw this drama but i want to rewatch it and Netflix is way better than viki (quality and we can download)

  63. Lovelymelanin2 says:

    I am going to watch it once it comes on Netflix Uk I only watched episode 1 lol

  64. J. Cabatingan says:

    Was she the girl Eunhyuk banged, then she posted in on her instagram? LoL

  65. Gisselle Flores says:


  66. Heidy Jane says:

    This drama holds so many messages. BEAUTIFUL. BEAUTIFUL DRAMA.

  67. Estela Perez says:

    Les recomiendo mucho está historia, es emocionante, creativa, fantasiosa. Les hará llorar, y reír

  68. Estela Perez says:

    Para cuando estará en Netflix? La quiero volver a ver!

  69. MsJC525 says:

    So when will this be shown in the US?

  70. Seleni Zuli says:

    Netflix USA please!!!

  71. Iza Standley says:

    I hope it's global netflix. I wanna watch it on U.S. Netflix too. 😭😭😭

  72. 드빌리호dviliho says:

    i miss manchan and hdl so much 😢

  73. elppa selaznog says:

    Why i cant find it on netflix?

  74. elppa selaznog says:

    How come its not in netflix taiwan?

  75. Nor Azleen says:

    This drama make me fall in love again and again as i watch it a lot of so many times eventhought my hearth breaks again and again too 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ just looking at dashing ku chan sung and stunning jang man wol make me so happy❤️❤️❤️

  76. JANG MAN WOL IS MY MOM says:

    Woww it’s in Netflix now?!??

  77. Saraa says:

    It's not been added to the UK one😭😭😭😭😭😭

  78. TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 1 says:

    When is it coming on Netflix

  79. Win san chan says:

    I’m crying here please make it available in the USA 😭

  80. Jenny H says:


  81. 세채 says:

    This is a Korean drama. But why can't watch it in Korea Netflix?

  82. Esmeralda Cacsire says:

    Para que fecha estará en netflix, estará subtitulado al español?👌🤔

  83. jeongsatozaki kim says:

    When I die i will find hotel del luna no matter what happens!!:>

    Ps.Sorry for bad english:<

  84. Dr. Roberie says:

    This video quite sums up the whole drama except for the ending

  85. drogon, the last surviving dragon says:

    Want season 2 NOW!!!!

  86. Alexa Park says:

    ahhh…..the good old days

  87. Christian Allan says:

    I miss Man weol and Chan sung

  88. Jin Rt says:

    Iu has masterd the combination of being both bad and Good.

  89. Mizumono says:

    In which market is this actually available? Would be nice to be able to watch this on Netflix in Europe. (I'd rather not use Viki anymore ever since they blocked access to Running Man in my country.)

  90. Malycea Scarlet says:

    It's not on french Netflix T.T

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