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It’s almost 8AM They should go now the weathers bad and the roads might be flooded. Hopefully they get to town before the it floods Ok! Well you better leave now then Alright! We’re going then.. We’re off now Lisa! We’ll probably see you again in Christmas time! What about the one at Sapapalii? The engine might burn.. Look how strong the current is.. It’s hard to go there than coming here from that side They almost didn’t make it!! They almost fell off! It’s much hard going there from this side because the way the water is running! No! The water force will be stronger if we follow a car That’s why none of these cars are following each other! These trucks are show offs because they can get past no problems! Take your seat belt off! Take your seat belt off!! Actually no! Put it back on! Incase our car gets washed away and we get knocked around The truck would be so heavy! Coming from that side seems to be better than this one.. That *blank* comes and just stands there while that car is waiting! LOOK! He’s on his phone!!! Woah! It’s getting so much stronger now. The cars will be waiting a while It’s not a funeral.. Oh might be a funeral. Might be a funeral of someone well known Nah! It’s not a funeral. Look at that girl (taupou)

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