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🇪🇬 Замечательный отель: Красное море, DREAMS BEACH RESORT SHARM 5* 🐫 ШАРМ ЭЛЬ ШЕЙХ, ЕГИПЕТ ⛱

our Russian flag due to the fact that we arrived at the hotel we are the only hotel guests from Russia and very pleased that
it is our flag appeared here in Egypt Dreams Beach
I invite to retsepshen there is a guard here
go through the frame hotel lobby
here is a retsepshen bar service 24 hours a day
a la carte restaurant and la opera restaurant the company cuts that game for you?
Tell me what kind of game is this? UNO very good atmosphere please introduce yourself my name is Bogdana Ukraine Влад украина киев Ukraine
Moscow, Russia Artem Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev Deniska Belarus Zakhar Ukraine ukrainy excellent super in the lobby bar you can order
Cold and hot drinks and local alcoholic beverages in order to
go down to the beach at the hotel provided lift on which we go down to
restaurant grill house restaurant grill house
is located on the beach and is located under a canopy here you can try
dishes cooked on the grill salads and snacks works mainly
afternoon to serve a grill mackerel on the grill chicken on the grill
Well, salad vegetables after telling us we decided to go
take a stroll along the beach huge number of places to
spend time relaxing and sunbathing . This is the beach bar here fry pancakes what are you cooking? it’s a cook that fries pancakes very much
delicious with jam jam with cottage cheese super the beach is empty today because the sea is a storm and the people are all over
rushed into the pool and we will go upstairs the sea is bright blue today the tide is usually a pier
high enough above the water
Today the tide and therefore it is in the water Seryozha sends his regards to you on the beach a few piers most the longest
places for tourists quite enough a lot of sun loungers
there is a center you can rent last mask bottles of clothes and go
for diving fish which are found there is a small shop in the distance
the island of the tyrant our building where we stayed 5 balcony partial sea view
near the pools and near the sea practically tell fly-fly fly fly gilded belly well come say
come to us will wait hello beautiful beautiful and well you have me ok, thanks, we will come cakes prepare appetizers from vegetables on deep-fried
fried eggplant and pepper in front of fried is very delicious here soup
here are such beautiful garnish potato meat and go hall terrace here usually in the morning
fries eggs here a dish of the day here the chef becomes
fish fish eat a cook and fish fry serve pasta with vegetables good evening kyufta very tasty
watch how we cook here such delicious sausages this chef prepares us very tasty
barman our friend thank you very much think you hello good
well this is our chef you chef? thank you nice it’s our chefs are very delicious
excellent kitchen Thank you so much ice cream offers us what to eat
ice cream you all strawberry chocolate mango and strawberry
such beautiful cups and still jam Yes and mango caramel and coconut super today at Seryozha
birthday will come to congratulate us warned that they would congratulate
that see do not switch For your health Here is a cake congratulated on the day
births friends invite everyone to aqua aerobics
Will you go to Sergei? No very bad The beer here is delicious Well, okay, I went. on this our journey is not
hope my video will help you correctly organize your next one
holiday subscribe to our channel ask
questions to keep repeating is a new one

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