(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) – ‘Senorita’ (Choreography Practice Video)

[Soyeon] My dear Why are you staring at me like that? Why are you not saying anything? You don’t avoid my glance either [Soojin] My dear, why are you coming so close to me? We still don’t know a lot What should I call you? [Yuqi] A little faster maybe busier Whatever it is, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care [Minnie] Something different, something worse Whatever it is, I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok What am I going to do? [Shuhua] Wu-oh-oh wo-oh-oh [Soyeon] Come here, come here, come here, come here [Shuhua] Wu-oh-oh wo-oh-oh [Miyeon] Come closer to me Hold me tighter I want to know about you [Minnie] I fell in love with you I don’t know it is true Just love you so, love you so, love you so Please call me (Señorita, señorita) (Señorita, señorita) (Señorita, señorita) (Señorita, señorita) [Soojin] You, why are you smiling like that My heart keeps wanting you (vamos) How could I let you go? (ay) [Soyeon] Just focus only on me It’s not important what others think Hold me fully in your arms You don’t need to know my name Tell me you want me you love me [Shuhua] Wu-oh-oh wo-oh-oh [Minnie] Come closer to me Hold me tighter I want to know about you [Miyeon] I fell in love with you I don’t know it is true Just love you so, love you so, love you so Just call me (Señorita, señorita) (Señorita, señorita) (Señorita, señorita) (Señorita, señorita) [Yuqi ] Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu (Señorita) Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu (Señorita) Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu (Señorita) Yu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu [Soojin] Hey Señor

100 Replies to “(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) – ‘Senorita’ (Choreography Practice Video)”

  1. Yuri López says:

    I eventually stopped listening to this song because seeing how Shuhua was mistreated made me uncomfortable

  2. Derin Derya says:

    G-(i)dle is working hard

  3. Sharon Yang says:

    Soyeon didn't get enough recognition y'all her stage presence is no joke and she dances like a main dancer

  4. Horatio Zhang says:

    I don't know if this señorita is earlier than Camila one?

  5. HANNIE says:

    Yuqi's so cute

  6. Zano Army says:

    Queen (G)I_DLE…❤❤

  7. Kimesh & Jyoti says:


    Watch our Dance Cover on Senorita 💃💃
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  8. alexis klemz says:

    "Let's all wear black pants and not tell soojin"

  9. Ammaya Green says:

    Miyeon looks so pretty in senorita
    That i admit

  10. nisakon jimin says:

    Soojin Woww

  11. Carly Victoria says:

    Y'all!! Let's get this to 10M views!!!

  12. Carly Victoria says:

    Can we get this to 1M pleaseee? Señorita issa Bop!!!

  13. 사나 says:


  14. Ki Ji Hoon says:

    omg how are they so skinny

  15. 사나 says:

    minnie is the aesthetic i aspire to be

    her voice, hair, makeup, style, and overall vibe are everything

  16. Азиана Отсур says:

    Суджин 💗

  17. Raymond Vargas Martínez says:

    why their coreographies seem like if their were 5 members group? shua shua is always behind 🙄

  18. evie says:

    i must say soyeon and soojin have the best facial expressions in the group. i've watched their live performances and some of them are just staying with the still face and don't give any emotion at all.

  19. molly finney says:

    k i'm new here who's the one in the plaid jacket?

  20. Peggy Chan says:

    Omg I can't take eye out of yuqi😍😈 (sorry for my bad English)

  21. Nilvo Fortunati says:

    Legal em

  22. Aliyah Sultana says:

    For new neverlands:

    Soyeon:the one wearing a beanie
    Miyeon:the one with brown hair wearing all black including the shoes
    Soojin:the one wearing blue jeans with her hair tied up
    Shuhua:the one wearing a white top
    Yuqi:the one wearing a big yellow hoodie
    Minnie:the one wearing all black but white shoes


  23. one wanna says:


  24. Ji Kim says:

    매번 생각하지만 진짜 메인세뇨리타안무 잘뽑았다 찰떡이다

  25. AnimeMoment says:

    Love Yuqi <3

  26. Princess Castillo says:

    My best friend really love this so I want to learn the choreography 😅

  27. Kym Moreno says:

    At 2:54 reminds me of SNSD Genie. 😥

  28. Betül Halis says:

    I never seen this kind of group dance. One member was always behind the others. It is very sad for poor girl. She doesn't deserve this.

  29. ainul mardhiah says:

    i muted this video and put senorita ( Camilla and Shawn ) and it turned out damn synchronized

  30. Friends Forever says:

    2:43 I feel bad for my bias Shuhua

  31. azul kim says:

    miyeon I LOVE YOU!!

  32. Mon Key says:

    Minnie is dressed very cute. I dont like when girls are showing to much of them. Shoudnt be to much and not to less. And Minnie is dancing WAY bettet than the others, I mean watch this 1:22 She is the second from left. I mean her body is moving very smooth and elegant. Like she got the flow in her body. But Soojin is the beautifullest and if I would have to choose a girl for me of them It would be Soojin. But Shuhua isn't dancing bad either. In fact they are all VERY SEXY and HOT AS HELL.

  33. Phuong Le says:


  34. Phuong Le says:


  35. Phuong Le says:


  36. Phuong Le says:


  37. Phuong Le says:


  38. 모기 건물주 says:

    우기 옷 넘 귀엽다 진짜 커다란 당근 같아 귀여워 우,,,,

  39. I am in Neverland says:

    Dancing queens

  40. Gojira says:

    props for soyeon.. great visuals.. talented dancer.. can sing well and write her own song.. damn she is awesome!!!

  41. Jorelle Alcantara says:

    2:28 to 3:12 putting shu hua at the back makes her unhappy and she cant deal wth her confidence . Even im not a stan not yet a never land

  42. Mạn thiên says:

    soojin ❤❤❤

  43. Honey Berry says:

    Can someone pls tell me who is who? I only can recognize Miyeon and Soyeon for now ><

  44. miyeon noodle says:

    miyeon, kim possible

  45. miyeon noodle says:

    I like soyeon's style

  46. gerald Bo says:

    (G) I-DLE) – 'Senorita' (Choreography Practice Video)

  47. criesyoongii says:

    Shuhua said
    Face of a goddess
    Voice of a goddes
    Hair of a goddess
    Body of a goddess

  48. Prince Fluffy says:

    How can you have a dance break with one member not being seen 🤔

  49. 기리빈 says:

    2:12 초만 봐도 수진의 댄스가 왜 다른지 알 수 있다. 원래 허리가 두번 돌아야 하는 안무구나..

  50. 고민지 says:

    아이들한테 부족한게 대체 뭐지?????? 언니들 때문에 심장이 남아나질 않아…

  51. 은팍 says:

    연습 할땐 그나마 맞아 보이는데 무대는 왤케 엉성해 보이지 ??….

  52. bboong 3 2 0 says:

    people that say shuhua always at the back doesnt appreciate her enough when she is in the center or at the front

  53. Damai Arungsamudra says:


  54. Park Jimin says:

    0:49 a 1:39

  55. MY_IRENE says:

    What kind of sorcery is this
    Well now 4322 lmao

  56. I에일 says:

    서수신 춤선…!!

  57. Jake says:

    1:22 I love this part sooo much

  58. i don't want any trouble says:

    The blue pants is the main dancer right?

  59. 김다은 says:

    아니 나도 한국 댓글 좀 찾자

  60. Calluna Vulgaris says:

    There’s some really great leg work in this choreography

  61. Lee Jun yang says:

    Come here because queendom

  62. Ethereal Johnny Suh says:

    I was half expecting them to put shuhua in the back for the ending pose. Wtf they doing her wrong all the time

  63. thadeus1106 says:

    說實在 雨琦弟弟真的沒有性感的天份 不過我想每個男生都會想有一個跟她一樣的青梅竹馬吧!

  64. Jacquelyn Jim says:

    I’m new to them, who is the girl in the all black?

  65. meg says:

    i just realized….this was senorita before senorita existed lmao cube family we suing camila and shawn

  66. 우지수 says:

    청바지가 이쁘구만 계속 청바지입은 여자만 보인 영상이였당

  67. stan idle says:


  68. Julio Soto says:

    Señorita !!!!!

    You fo fofofofofoffo

  69. 다혜 says:

    한국댓이 없어서 제가 답니다 ^^

  70. jg L says:

    수진이 춤선 진짜 리얼씹 아름답다

  71. iQlo Das Ve'r says:

    Are they always have choreography that made the member blocking other member? Since this came to my recommendation and it's kinda weird to saw some blocking like this, specially with only 6 members.

  72. 효정 says:

    누가 수진 언니한테 검정 바지 입는 날이라고 안 알려줬냐

    + 뭐야 뭔데 좋아요 많아 .. ? 세상에나 알람 떠서 들어왔더니 좋아요 수만 보고 가네

  73. Arthur Rodrigues says:

    Shuhua's ass. 😍

  74. Banrika Lyngdoh says:

    Why is Shuhua covered the entire last part 😢

  75. Xavier .Z says:

    What the hell is this?

  76. BPXJISOO Newbie . says:

    I don't know who my bias but they adorable all can definitely dance 🎤🎤🎤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  77. gerald Bo says:

    (G) I-DLE) – 'Senorita' (Choreography Practice Video)

  78. Hebib Huseyinov says:

    Türk yok

  79. jungkooks banana milk says:

    They all said "Lets have black hair and not tell Miyeon"

  80. Sylvester Bernard says:

    Lol… At fisrt i thought g-idle only had five members… But, when i look back they actually has six… Maybe bc Shuhua dont get much part in their song… She just sing "wu oh oh oh".. Its a littly bit sad there… She deserve more part..


  81. 묘묘 says:


  82. Khaty LOL says:

    Hagan stream de esta canción, hay que llegar a los 100 millones de reproducciones con señorita

  83. 애붕이 says:


  84. Nhu Nguyen says:

    Tui thay lan nao lam doi hinh để nhay đều lam mặt hinh cua shuhua

  85. Rosilene Alves Ferreira says:

    Espero que no próximo comeback a shuhua tenha mais linhas e apareça mais pfvvv cube

  86. 강주은 says:

    수진 진짜 잘춘다 …. 완전 달라 … 솔직히 수진밖에안보임

  87. 김아미 says:

    와 수진 진짜 1초마다 멈춰도 포즈가 모델이다

  88. 버휘 says:

    서수진 발끝 미첫네 ㅠㅠ

  89. 박규성 says:

    서수진 때문에 여기까지 왔어…
    책임져 휴ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  90. 요정하얀ᐛ says:

    다들 몸매가 엄청 예쁘시당ㅠㅠ
    특히 미연언니랑 수진언니가 제일 예뻐요ㅠㅠ

  91. Breen M says:

    Is it me or the one on the white top doesn't even sing? In some parts of the choreography it seems like she's not even there, what the fuck?

  92. 버블검 says:

    수진언니 포니테일…… 행복한 삶이었다….ㅎㅎ…

  93. 찌니몬 says:


  94. paula zacarias says:

    can cube ent. give more lines to shuhua.

  95. Safira says:

    I'm gay for soojin

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