▪️VÝLET – Hotel Park Inn by Radisson ZALAKAROS, Thermal SPA Zalakarosi Fürdő ENG, HU and CZ sub

Hello! Greetings from Táta and Adélka And today from Park Inn by Radisson specifically in the city of Zalakaros and before we take a look at hotel oh, we are here already so we must tell you that in Zalakaros are only 1748 inhibitants and it’s the smallest city in Hungary. Who just woke up here? Oh yes! She is dressed and where we are going? On the breakfast! International tastes, there were many choices of food Right, Adélka? Yes Was the food delicious? Yum! Oh yes, a coffee Oh, and here is a bistro, right? Oh yes! It’s a kind of bar where parents can buy coffee and kids can do what? Play in kid’s corner! Oh yes, here is the kid’s corner! Wow, this is so long passage, it’s long as a working week, right? Yeah And where does it lead to? To the pools. And we are going to swim! Whoopee! You can notice that even if the weather isn’t nice you can swim in indoor pools Yeah And outdoors it’s similar, right? Yeah Water slides for kids, pools for adults and look! Toboggans! Oh yes! Oh, someone is riding here, who is this? Adélka! Oh yes! And was it good? Good! Oh! Food! Yummy! Wow, an ice cream, donuts, pizza. Jesus, there is so much food! And we must say that it wasn’t only tasty, but so cheap too Yeah! Now we will move to the city, you can see that it’s a small city but I must say that there are so many interesting places. Yeah, and beautiful! I would say that here are markets at weekend, right? Yes Notabilities And a big praise for the city Zalakaros because there are many kid’s playgrounds like this Look, sweet shop! Yummy! And so many flowers and bees and a cinema! Wow, outdoors! Look, a telephone booth! Oh yeah! And a post! And a bakery! And a supermarket! And a butt! And this is front view of spa and we are ending here, right Adélka? Yes! So next stop is Budapest! Oh yeah! See you soon!

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  1. ROBUS says:

    Like 😍

  2. Tomáš Procházka says:


    skoro nikdo 😀

    nová verze videa má komentáře 😀 což z toho udělalo ještě lepší video . měl by jsi poslat odkaz do lázní . udělal jsi jim luxusní reklamu 😀

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  8. Milan a Emma says:

    Paráda paráda 🙂

  9. Miroslav Štíbr says:

    Pěkné video je vidět ze jste si to užili

  10. Táta a Adélka says:

    * PŘÁTELÉ POZOR! ve videu jsou ČESKÉ TITULKY!
    * FRIENDS WARNING! in the video are ENGLISH TITLES!

  11. Anna Hošková says:

    Ahoj! Chci se zeptat a zároveň vám nabídnout střih videí. Pokud by jste měli zájem, můžeme se domluvit. Jinak moc pěkné videjko! 🙂

  12. Michal Rybák says:

    doteraz som si myslel že nemáš edit, ale omyl, skús to využiť aj v TH89. Príjemné video

  13. Gooder says:

    Tento kanal se mi moc liby nejsem tip kterého by bavilo vlogy ze života ale tohle je výjimečně většinou točí na YT ty menší kanály jak je můj channel ale tady je to opak hodne štěstí do budoucna

  14. Graffiti Fukas says:

    Pekné video aj keď smutno mi je že máte málo odoberatelov 😢

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