أغرب مطعم في العالم !! 🇯🇵 Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant

Good Evening Guys
Today we’re in Japan and we have a very different subject to talk about We arrived to Japan We are in Japan Guys it is fall, something different, Autumn here is so different even if we’ve visit it so many times and saw very weird things there but Japan has always something brand new to offer Plane attendant is welcoming us in Japanese Be ready, this travel is not as usual
because it’s so special Forget about the first two days …Customs confiscate my drone … and they had never give it back police are inspecting JOE So we bought a new one because no one have the right to stop us from dreaming we arrived to Tokyo feeling like Japan is a girlfriend or a boyfriend that you have to visit every year … that’s why it doesn’t work this way Third day in Tokyo… – so we just rented a the car? ah
– yeah – Oh hey
– Hey – Yes, we just rented a car
– Yeah, welcome back How are you doing Guys? So we’re ready to go to the vending machine restaurant vending machine restaurant, with no staff? No Staff… come on, it’s vending machine restaurant Waw Because we’re foreigners I asked for the foreigner’s seals, so everyone knows we’re not from around here I think it’s nice because people are more forgiving when you make a mistake if you got these seals Look at this guys they give it to you because you’re coming from a foreign country … Guys, we’re in Tokyo, and we rented a car and we have to ride for an hour to reach a place that you’re about to discover it Let’s get ready for the adventure by drinking a coffee first Always Carrying On 30 Minutes are left, right? Yeah, we have couple of minutes.
Let’s get some food – the weirdest restaurant in the world
– it’s pretty weird. Yes Yeah, I asked him if he would come I’d like to meet him We text the owner and he has said it’s okay to film there and if he has some time, he’s gonna come and meet us Wow, yeah that is that’s a big deal because if we meet him, Joe, he’s gonna show us the inside of the machines and that’s … That’s pretty cool in Japan whenever you meet somebody.
I haven’t seen him in a few years. I want to bring a gift …This is some cakes. it’s not a regular food, it’s from a vending machine all kind of food the most strange restaurant ever AUTOMAT DINER this restaurant is a little far from Tokyo but it has no staff No one is working in here his owner come everyday, fill in the machines and leaves right after Can you tell us? how the idea came? started? So Tomoto san’s company was making the goods inside of the vending machines So he started this in 2014 … Yeah a little bit over five years ago now mmm This is the hamburger vending machine This one is quite retro, it goes all the way back to like the 1950s there’s three different varieties of them and Tomato san the owner will make these put them in the boxes and I believe you can stack up to about thirteen of them – They really do sell out every day
– McDonald’s machine? – Yeah, it’s something like that. But actually, the burgers are surprisingly good I put the food here and putting ice here too – this is the food
– it’s the Burger – Burger
– burger meat Everyday … everyday, you put burger? burger with tomato sauce burger vending machine – So, you try the food here?
– that one – I tried Tempura
– is it good?
– Yeah – what rate from 10 would you give to the food here?
– 10 Better than a restaurant? … it is a little bit different. Yeah In the morning, he’ll come and then in the evening and if there’s any trouble,
and this is lunchtime It’s kind of peak people are … So you want to refill the machines to make sure that there’s always enough but the shops open 24 hours so …but if there is any trouble the phone number is on the machine… the phone number is on the machine … he will come and fix the problem This one … these two here are ODEN machine this one does ODEN and RAMEN This one does Tempura udon
– this you can do ramen
– this can do ramen No, I’ve had this before it’s pretty good, but I don’t know you just have to try this Joe Okay, I’ll try the ramen – what the people favorite food here?
– the ramen You like the Ramen? because it’s ramen Oh, it has been sold out here where it gets cooked … it started from this part first, when it’s still cold … it moves here … it gets cooked … and that’s how it gets served hot right? that why it’s so hot when it’s served? Yes, right …coca-cola machines I like how you can get these these Coca Colas from it and then everybody puts the bottles back here.
Everything is recycled People will clean for themselves … just like on the tables are all so clean so it’s almost like any other restaurant …tables are clean without staff, right? Toasted sandwich like a …like a grilled cheese type of thing.
– it’s for breakfast? it couldn’t be …it could be it looks like a breakfast set here …another retro vending machine You don’t find this in a lot of places. It’s really good. They don’t use any microwaves. It’s toasted inside of it It comes with an oven mitt. So It looks like it does come out pretty hot and like over there. Yeah, and it’s still hot. Here you have Oh, what did you got here? Recently, he had more peop …more tourists coming here. This place has gotten quite famous. So he’s added in some The ramen vending machine little keychains. You can buy you can buy gift here Yeah, something to remember your experience gift vending machine. So this is like his to me. It’s history, right? It’s Japanese tatemono history like a food history man. This is a museum Lot of people that come here They will just just stop and relax for a little bit get a sandwich and a drink you can sit here at the table There’s actually a little collection of Manga and … I can read yeah … just relax from taking a trip off of the road to the highway or If you’ve got a family you can come here and there’s no stress to have to leave right away You can sit here for a while. I like that – It’s preparing it says here 60 seconds
– faster than McDonald’s – There are no french fries?
– no french fries … what is inside of it? Cheeseburger, you know Baby oh, it’s hot. Ah – Oh
– how does noodles get out from a machine? I don’t know!!!! Coca-cola toast Vending machine chocolate and banana cream. Okay, and this one is ham and cheese. It’s gonna take about 40 seconds to complete Are you kidding me? the toast is covered Looks hot so so hot You gonna eat this one, right? you know, I’ll take the toast maybe I’ll try the burger Look … you wanna …you can start let’s start the toast breakfast and you’re gonna go with lunch … I’m going with lunch So it’s weird like I find this toast Banana toast. Yeah, another toast inside the vending machine Oh banana with Nutella Wow Strange cheeseburger with tartar sauce. There’s some customer come in …better than 7-eleven shops It’s better than you think it would be …vending machine food. This is good are you going to try the noodles? For you for me yeah. Yeah because I think you like noodles … you live in Japan You need to put the French fries. He needs a french fries Tomoto san he needs the French fries You need to clean after …by yourself … we need to remove the rest Food here is Good but not that good to leave the city and come here specially for it Like, Share and Subscribe Guys
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