Когда Ее Совсем не Ждешь / Expect the Unexpected. Сериал. 8 Серия. StarMedia. Мелодрама

Star Media presents WHEN YOU DON’T EXPECT IT… Created by Natalya Koynova Directed by Tatyana Magar Directors of Photography – Mykhail Muratkin and Vasiliy Borodin Music by Yuriy Sayenko Produced by Alexey Terentyev
and Vlad Ryashin Good morning. What time is it? “Red rose is a symbol of sadness;
black rose is a symbol of love”. Black rose is a symbol of sadness and red rose is a symbol of love. What time is it? Half past 11. I brewed you some coffee. Thanks. The trip was great. I promised my parents to drop
in on our way back. I invite you to Nizhniy Novgorod
after that. There is a new exhibition there. It’s strange. What? You never took me with you
on your business trips. I had no possibility to do it. Don’t smoke in the room. All right. Look, Kirill. You knew
I didn’t want you to come. But you came all the same.
You hung up the phone. Why? You’d talk some nonsense again. No. You thought that
I wouldn’t let you come. You can’t let me do
or not let me do something. If I decided to come
I’d come in any case. I missed you. You don’t care about what I want. Why? I care. But women rarely know what they want. They’re often mistaken. Why aren’t you asking where I had been? Is it so important? It is for me. All right. Where have you been? It’s none of your business. Why did you make me ask
where you have been? Let’s pretend we’re out. I won’t pretend. Wait… I don’t want it! I don’t! It’s a flower-bed. Come in, don’t be shy. I’m nothing more than a husband. Stop it, Kirill! He has come after all. Yes, he has. Let me talk to him. Don’t. I’ll do it myself.
It’ll be better. Leave the flowers. I’m on the balcony. Come to me.
The view is great. The air is wonderful. Who let you in? How did you get in my room? What? Who let you in my room? I told them I was your husband. Great! They are trustful, so they let me in. That guy with a flower-bed
is too common for you. I’m not asking you about your impressions. I want to be left alone, Kirill. Do you have some ice? I don’t. Is there a river? No! There is. – Do people swim in it?
– They do. They do. Let’s do it this way. I’ll go look for a river
and you take some rest. I’ll go for a swim. Take some rest. Good boy… good boy… Hi! Your mood is… Dmytro! Let’s go to the market with us! I won’t go. Come on! We need to buy Yura
a suit for the wedding. What’s happened? Look me in the eye. Is something wrong between you
and Dina? Stop it! Come with us! You will help us.
You must help your friends. Come on! It won’t take much time.
We’ll come back soon. Get in. Yura, give him some space to sit! Let’s go, Dyma! Come on, Dyma! Hello! Hi, lady director.
I got all the papers from you. How are you? Kirill has come. Has he? My congratulations! I seem to have fallen in love. What? Whom have you fallen in love with? With Klymov. With Klymov?
I made some inquiries about him. He has been married for 5 years
and he loves women. Everything will be all right
when you come back to Moscow. Resort affair is a resort affair.
Your Kirill is a great man. You have been waiting for him for 6 years. How can you fall in love with someone else
when he has ripened at last? That’s enough! Don’t talk nonsense!
Why are you keeping silence? I’m listening to you. Listen to me attentively.
Your Dyma is no good. Even if he is serious about you…
imagine his divorce. What if his wife is scandalous?
You’ll have to fight for him. Do you have strength for that? I beg your pardon.
I have to go. I’ll call you later. Dina? Where is Kirill?
Is he in the room with you? Hello! Dasha, bring me the letters please! Wait! I think the suits are there.
They are at the end. Come with me. Here is the footwear. Yurko, you’re like an Easter egg! Who do I look like now? You look like Brad Pitt or Allen Delon.
Pierre Richard! Hello. Good day. It’s great you’re here.
San Sanich has been very sad today. It’s because we missed you.
He is secretly in love with you. I’m sure that San Sanich has been
in love with you and only you all his life. With me? All the life? May be.
But it’s so boring! Tata! See you all in the evening.
See you in the evening. See you in the evening. Thanks to everybody. Come on, Tata. One moment. Wait please.
I want to say something to Dinochka. All right. See you in the evening. Dinochka, it’s certainly
none of my business. But I must tell you that
Dyma is a very good boy. He is real. I’m coming! Is that you, Dinul? I don’t get it. Why are you behaving
as if nothing has happened? What has happened? Tell me, who am I to you?
A wife? I’m not your wife. A lover? I’m not your lover. Dina… You know everything yourself. We have been together for 7 years. Do you really think we have been together?
You know what? I have a dream.
I want to have a real family with kids. What do we have, tell me? I’m always waiting for you. Will you call or not, will you come or not? I’m tired of waiting. Yes, I’m tired. I’m tired of forgiving you. I’m tired of your endless women. These endless women exist
in your mind only. You’re the only one I need. No. I don’t believe you. Why? If you loved me you’d have behaved differently
in this situation. In what situation? Are you talking about that guy
with a flower-bed? Dina, I have known you for a long time. This thing is not serious.
I know what a resort affair is. If you don’t want to go to my parents
we may go to the summer cottage. We won’t tell anybody that we came back. We’ll be on our own. Do you want it? Have you finished your business here? Great! Let’s pack our things,
have a dinner and leave. I talked to Stepan. He’ll give us a car. If it’s important for you
let’s get married. The flower-bed is withering away.
We must save it. Where is the lily? I threw it away. It got dry.
I’ll change the water. It looks great. What is it? How do I know? What a trash! Taste the cucumber. Where is he? By the river.
He is throwing stones in the water. Has he been there for long? After we came back from the market
he didn’t eat anything and left. Hold this. Put something on your head.
You’ll get sunstroke. How do you say in Ukrainian:
“I want to be left alone “. I want to be left alone. I want to be left alone. Thank you. – Hello.
– Hello. How was your dinner? Fine. – Are you satisfied?
– Thank you. – Aren’t you hungry?
– No. If yes, let’s go to my place.
My wife cooks better than any chef. Thank you. Everything was great. Stepan, I’ve forgotten to take the copies
of the commission’s conclusions. I’ll bring them in a minute. No need to. I’ll go with you.
I’ll go with Stepan and then I want to bid farewell
to my acquaintances. All right. I’ll be in the room. Hi. Dyma, I’m leaving. When? Tomorrow morning. I see. You shouldn’t come. No. I wanted to bid farewell to you. Do it, then. Dyma, look at me. I can’t change anything. Me too. I have to go. It’s cold. It is. That’s enough! That’s enough! Leave me your phone number. No. no. Do you know such
a surname — Makarova? I’m Diana Makarova. Diana Makarova? The one who stole your case on the Mount. Did you know who I was? I did. You gave me
your business card yourself. Right. Did we end up in one
compartment by chance? By sheer chance…
if only you weren’t tailing me to kill. Oh, my God! I knew this sanatorium is on sale
and someone from Russia was buying it. You were doing business
with Stepan and I didn’t get anything! What an idiot I am! Damn it! That’s all… Yura? How much… No, no. I… This is for you. Something to remember me. It’s my grandpa’s. Pack your things. Hello, Ivan! Come here! – This is for you.
– For me? – Yes.
– Really? These are real ceps. Hello, hello.
You can’t live without your accordion. Bring this to the table. Who will drink vodka? Sit down here. I want to toast Yura and Oxasna.
It’s your happy day today. It’s your engagement.
It’s a pity your mum and dad and your grandpa
and your grandma didn’t live to this day. Bless their souls!
I want to wish you happiness and health. And now I want to toast you. They’ll soon get married in church.
You were a witness of their love. That’s why we want to invite
you to the wedding. I will come if you invite me. Sure we do! Come for you’ve become our relative. Let’s toast our future couple
and Dmytro. Cheers! – Hey!
– Cheers! Hey, hey, hey! Let’s drink and eat quickly
for we have little time. I want to thank you all.
You’re good people. I love you all. You gave me lots of warmth.
I don’t regret coming here. Thank you very much.
I feel a completely new man. I wish you harmony, tolerance
and attention. Understand each other! Girls! You lost such a guy!
They’ll have another one. That’s all. We don’t need anybody. Who has a chewing gum? I do! Hold this. Natalka! Feed the kids
and get them home after that. I have a camera! Great! Let’s have a picture! Come on here! Be quiet! Come here! Yurko, Oxanka,
you must stand in the centre. Come here! Stand from this side. Come on here, son. Take the goat too. Brilliant! Come here! Yurka, take a picture! Just press the button. Come on. Smile! Let me do it now! Go there, Yurka! Do it! I did it. Great! Come on,
or you’ll be late! Let’s go! We brought you some beer! Stop it! Dry the mushrooms as soon as you come home. Stop it! I have no spare bag! We won’t let you leave without this! Stop it! Please! All right, thank you! Be quick! You’ll be late! Come to us! Thank you, Yura! Your tickets, please. Hello. We have already met, haven’t we? Yes. Do you remember me? Of course I do. I remember you
and your neighbour. One can’t forget it. One can’t be like her. She wanted to be alone!
People are so weird! How was your rest? It was fine. Good. It’s very beautiful here. Well… So? The fate is smiling at us now.
We got the money. The contracts are signed.
Everything is all right. Brilliant! I don’t see your reaction. What reaction? Happiness. Express your feelings somehow. Everything is great. Really? Were you at the hearing? I was. I’m divorced now. Bring us two cognacs
and two coffees! You won! Read! This is a contract! That’s what I call a contract. We must hire some more people. We didn’t expect to see you. What a funny statue! Great pictures! Ferdinand is the most photogenic. Natalka called me.
They have a very important concert. They worry very much. Yes, Petro called me too. Do you feel comfortable in my armchair? No. I’m tired of office armchairs
and tables. Be quiet! How may I help you? I’ve come. It was a long way, lady Makarova. No. It just started snowing
early this year. I have an idea. What if we unite our agencies? Why are you laughing? Yes or no? Are you afraid of competition? Yes, I’m so scared of it. Do you want to be in charge everywhere? No, I don’t.
I want to give birth to children. I want to have three. Three? That won’t do. I’d like to have four kids. I don’t know if we are able
to work together.

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  1. Lillian2167 says:

    This was a great show, Thanks so much for adding English subs. :3

  2. Ірина Юшкова says:

    Продовження буде ?Чи це вже кінець)))

  3. Людмила Шеронова says:

    Очень Хороший Фильм! Очень Понравился! С большим удовольствием смотрела! Артисты все любимые! Украинские песни такие Красивые! Музыкальное сопровождение, такой позитив!!! Благодарю за видео!

  4. Майя Дорофеева says:

    Замечательный фильм, приятно, когда все люди счастливы во всех проявлениях.

  5. Марина Антипова says:

    Необыкновенный фильм! Есть фильмы которые хочется смотреть снова и снова их можно считать классикой девчата, любовь и голуби , служебный роман, ирония судьбы или с лёгким паром и т.д. и когда её совсем не ждёшь тоже к ним относится . Пересматриваю его уже не знаю какой раз! Побольше таких фильмов!!! Спасибо!!!

  6. Виктория тори says:

    зачем такой мужчина, который созревает шесть лет. значит он не любит, а использует в своих эгоистичных целях. нафиг таких перспективных 😉

  7. Mari Kulya says:

    Супер!!! ОБОЖАЮ ЭТОТ ФИЛЬМ!!! РУШНИК это говорит полотенце по вашему))) украинский язык как песня, а какой колорит, люди душевные!

  8. Елена Клюева says:

    красивая пара

  9. Victoria Aviv says:

    Спасибо! Мне понравился фильм! !!💜💚❤💗💞💖

  10. Honey y says:

    Какая же подружка Дины (коллега в Москве) завистливая сучка. Говорит, какой Кирилл мужчина и упустить его нельзя. Манипуляторный самовлюбленый звероящер, который делает Дине одолжение, что на нее посмотрел – гнида. Такому объекту только пинок под зад и подпускать его нельзя. А подружка специально дает ложные советы.

  11. Дмитрий Резниченко says:

    Чистый , Добрый фильм ! Благодарю …

  12. Лада Лебедь says:

    Очень прекрасный сериал!!!!Актерский состав высший класс!!!!Самое приятное,они не играли, а просто жили и разрешили нам понаблюдать за их жизнью))))) Всем принимавшим участие в создании этого сериала и участвовавшим в его осуществлении респект и уважение!!!!

  13. Имран Гусейнов says:

    супер супер

  14. Имран Гусейнов says:

    супер супер

  15. Елена Коваль says:

    Богдан Бенюк-снимался в таких душевных фильмах. Говорил такие красивые слова о дружбе.Оказался голимым нациком. Как все таки жизнь все показывает с изнанки людей иногда))

  16. Anna Zavialova says:

    Какая же наглость мужская до тошноты!! Ээ

  17. Lenovo Tab says:

    А потом агрессия рассеи. против Украины! Слава Украине ! Героям Слава!

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