BANGKOK’S BEST FOOD – Restaurant & Street Food Guide

– Bangkok, a city with some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets, most incredible nightlife, and some of the world’s best restaurants. And with almost 13,000 of these restaurants registered on Trip Advisor and so many more undocumented, I wanted Read More

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Eating at The Worst Reviewed Restaurant in Eastern Europe

hello hello hello welcome to my home country of Slovakia Eastern Europe well geographically Central Europe the culturally Eastern there’s a very popular trend nowadays on YouTube people try the worst reviewed restaurants cafes bars in New York London la Read More

BIKE INVASION IN CAVITE│Caylabne Beach Resort│Mountain Brew Coffee Shop [ENG SUBS]

English subtitles are enabled. You may disable them on the settings. I went through a few floods already. But I’m still hoping for a fine weather. There were plenty of other riders on the road. It might be too slippery Read More

Community Outreach Dunedin Animal Medical Center & Pet Resort

Dunedin Animal Hospital’s Community Outreach music by Sunset Bridge at Suds on Sunday event in Dunedin, Fl Dunedin Animal Hospital’s Community Outreach Dog Vaccinations by National Pet Vax at Suds on Sunday event in Dunedin, Fl Dunedin Animal Hospital’s Community Read More

MOTEL cortometraggio

We’ve got some time left – No we haven’t – Yes we have So what? Luca, come on… You’ll be late. – (Luca… Luca, come on… ) Luca… You have to be a clean boy Turn off that cigarette – Read More

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Skyline Motel – Language of Love

When you take my hand and I’m just “What you’re talking about?” You kiss me in the morning and you take the words right out of my mouth You speak to me of trust The way you let me fly Read More

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Let’s Play: Bar Billiards

I am with Izzy Kirk, James Grime, and Matt Parker And we are playing bar billiards, which is a pub game. Which Jim knows a lot about, I know a bit about, and these two have never played before, so Read More